According to cryotherapy users, whole body cryotherapy equipment can provide a number of impressive physical and emotional benefits to consumers. These include:

• Reduced Inflammation
• Pain Relief
• Firmer Skin and Fewer Wrinkles
• Boosted Metabolism
• Increased Energy

Thanks to the wide range of benefits that cryotherapy offers, many types of businesses and organizations have begun investing in cryotherapy equipment. By working with the right manufacturer, these clients can get the most from their devices.


Who Could Benefit from Cryotherapy Equipment?

A cryotherapy machine might be a smart investment for such people and organizations as:


With cryotherapy making headway in the mainstream, it makes sense that people looking to start their own businesses would invest in a cryotherapy machine. Entrepreneurs in cryotherapy have expressed amazement at the reaction they have received from consumers ranging from adolescents to seniors.

Physical Therapy Practices

Physical therapists have also seen the benefits of adding cryosauna sessions to their treatment options. In a sense, cryotherapy has been a part of physical therapy for centuries—technically, anyone who has ever iced down a body part after playing basketball or some other sport has used a form of it.

A cryotherapy machine or cryosauna can be considered the next step up from ice packs and ice baths: It can help heal and rejuvenate a person’s whole body in just a few minutes. Because of this, cryotherapy equipment makes an excellent addition to a physical therapist’s practice.

Collegiate and Pro Sports Teams

Athletic teams at both the professional and the college levels have integrated the use of cryotherapy equipment into their off-season and in-season training regimens. They regard a cryotherapy machine as a vital part of their recovery and regeneration efforts.

Luxury Spas

Several spas across the United States and around the world have also added cryotherapy to their treatments and services.

What Does a Great Cryotherapy Manufacturer Do for Its Clients?

By partnering with the right cryosauna manufacturer, a business, team or practice can get much more than top-quality equipment. They could also receive:

Installation and Training Support

Leading manufacturers may have teams to assist clients with installing a cryosauna. These teams can educate organizations about critical details like device specifications, space and ventilation requirements. They might also offer training courses to ensure that clients understand the safety requirements of operating cryotherapy equipment.

Ongoing Support

The best cryosauna manufacturers will work with their clients to ensure that equipment performs consistently.

Marketing Assistance

Leading manufacturers can also help clients market cryotherapy to their customers. This could include web development and social media messaging.

Impact Cryotherapy is the premier cryotherapy equipment manufacturer in the United States. Many businesses and organizations in the US and several foreign countries use Impact’s cryosaunas, which hold the ETL Mark for complying to US electrical safety standards.

About Impact Cryotherapy

Impact Cryotherapy is a widely recognized manufacturer of cryotherapy machines. It is committed to selling the market’s best cryosaunas and offers exciting cryotherapy franchise opportunities around the world.

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