Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with any nutritional structure or diet plan, can be difficult when those around don’t have the same goals. Transitioning into a low-carb high-fat (LCHF) lifestyle can be challenging when it seems like everyone around you is living on pasta, burgers, and pizza. 

Staying motivated to continue a healthy lifestyle makes it easier to achieve your goals faster. Don’t get discouraged, get motivated. Here are a few ways to make living a keto lifestyle everyday easier without feeling left out. 

50 kbMake Your Favorite Meals with a Keto Spin

Trying out a bunch of new and unfamiliar foods can make it hard to continue a diet when you miss your familiar favorites. If you make Mexican food regularly and miss those burritos, make a keto burrito bowl sans-tortilla instead. Italian food junky? Try veggie noodles or cauliflower pizza crust for a fun keto twist that still has all of those flavors you love. 

If part of your lifestyle is staying active, you don’t have to give up your beloved pre or post-workout shake. Choose a keto protein shake that’s high in fat, features substantial protein, and is low in carbohydrates. Many people complain about lower energy levels on the keto diet, avoid this by fueling your workouts and long days with a powerful (and delicious) chocolate keto shake

Find Out Which Restaurants in Your Area are Keto-Friendly

Do your research and figure out which of your favorite restaurants have keto-friendly options. Sometimes this means choosing dishes you might not have tried before.

If you’re a die-hard sushi lover, try sashimi instead of a deep-fried carb-heavy roll. Or, if your roommate craves a burger, try a lettuce wrapped combo instead. Knowing your keto makes it easier to make decisions on the fly, and also makes it less likely that you’ll end up at a restaurant with friends and nothing to eat. 

Keep Pantry Essentials Well-Stocked 

Clearing out your pantry when transitioning into a keto diet makes staying keto a whole lot easier. Get rid of grain products that include rice, quinoa, wheat, corn, and oats as the main ingredient. Avoid fruits like bananas, pineapples and grapes, and vegetables like yams, sweet potatoes, and potatoes. 

Replace these with keto approved options like almond flour, eggs, chia seeds, avocados and coconut oil. Look for ingredients that are high in fiber and aren’t so sweet. Bone broth and sugar substitute keto powder are both nutrition packed pantry essentials that strongly support a keto diet. They also are easy to include in daily recipes like baked goods, breakfast meals, and more without getting out of ketosis. 

Choose Keto Snacks

Keeping a well-stocked cupboard of keto snacks on hand makes it easier to resist nibbling on your friend’s pretzels or carb-heavy protein bars. Instead, keep a bag of salted nuts in your purse, or spread nut butter on celery sticks to curb cravings. String cheese is also a great option for quick and easy on-the-go food. 

If you need a protein boost in the afternoon, break out a dark chocolate or creamy vanilla keto-friendly shake. Or, make a chia seed pudding to satisfy your sweet tooth and your keto lifestyle. Low-carb snacks don’t have to sacrifice taste or leave you hungry and unsatisfied.

Even if you’re doing keto on your own, try checking out online communities that support and encourage the keto lifestyle. Ketologie is a fantastic resource for keto pantry essentials, yummy recipes, and keto education info to make your transition easier. Don’t get discouraged – figure out your favorite keto foods and reach your goals with ketosis. 

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