Did you hear about skin needling? Many of you might have heard about it. This is not anything new in the market, but may be it is new in this India. This is basically a practice in Europe. Needling the skin in order to create collagen, which is in practice from last two decades.

Basically, the skin has the property to repair itself when there is any wound on it. The same formula is applied here also. The skin is needled and microscopic points are created and you can call them as very small wounds. Now the body starts responding to these wounds and creates collagen and elastin.

Now there are so many advancements in every field and so is this as well. Heat free and safe treatment which can be applied on skin types, irrespective of the skin tone is Skin needling. You have special a cosmetic clinic in Mumbai for this kind of treatment. You need experts for doing this treatment for your skin.

What is Skin needling?

The cosmetologist in Mumbai uses basically a micro pen, which is operated by battery and can be held in hand. It is that small device. This small device will have 12 sterilized needles attached to the tip. Now the pen has to be moved on the skin and it pierces the skin making small wounds on it. The depth that it penetrates depends on the result that you are looking for.

  • Shorter Needle penetration can enhance product penetration and smooth superficial skin.

  • Longer Needle penetration can be used to create collagen response more deeply such as when treating acne scars.

What does Skin needling treat?

  • Scars caused by Acne

  • Trauma scars

  • Wrinkles

  • Roughness of skin

  • Sluggish Skin

Is the treatment painful?

You will feel a little uncomfortableness when you are getting this skin needling done. But it can be managed if you are asking the doctor to use the numbing gel before the actual process starts. Shorter penetration treatments or the lighter treatments are not painful but the acne treatment can be slightly painful.

How long will the treatment take?

When you visit the skin clinic in Lucknow then they will do a thorough test of the skin and then decide on what actually has to be done to the skin. There will be several treatments as part of the skin needling and it will take at least six months to eight months to show the effect on your skin.

According to Dr. Dipanjali Singh, who is the best skin doctor, micro needling is here to help you in a way that no any other skin cream can do to your skin. You can contact Dr. Dipanjali Singh to find out if micro needling is the best treatment option for your skin on http://www.expertaesthetic.com/ and know more about Microneedling Treatment.