From major celebrities to everyday folks, people are embracing plant-based diets. A well-balanced vegan diet can help someone meet and exceed their health goals from simply losing weight to enhancing athletic performance. In recent years, it has become easier than ever to find non dairy protein bars and other tasty, nutritious, plant-based food products that let people lead healthier, fuller lives.


A vegan diet plan can have benefit an individual person in a variety of ways. At the same time, it can help preserve and protect the Earth. Here are some of the personal and global advantages of switching to a plant-based diet:

Personal Health

Nutritionally balanced, plant-based diets are extremely low in saturated fats and bad cholesterol. Consequently, they help lower the risk of health issues like obesity, type II diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Vegan meal plans can also help people reach their ideal BMI (body mass index) level in a safe, responsible way. The trick lies in picking a plan that accounts for all the nutrients which people need for their bodies to function properly.

Environmental Impact

Adopting a vegan meal plan is a great way to be environmentally responsible too. Meat and animal products squander an enormous amount of natural resources. First, there are the land, corn and other resources needed to raise livestock. Next, there is the water, hormones and steroids that animals receive. On top of all this, transporting livestock and meat means burning a lot of gasoline, which leads to greater greenhouse gas emissions.

In all, it can take 26 times more water, 17 times more land and 50 times more fossil fuels to produce animal protein than it would to make the same amount of plant protein. Those grim figures are more than enough reason to consider going vegan. A plant-based diet not only improves a person’s physical well-being but also helps protect the planet as a whole.

22 Days Nutrition offers consumers a variety of paleo protein bars, vegan meals and other first-rate vegan food products. The company was founded by proud vegan and well-respected exercise physiologist Marco Borges, who sought to give his clients more food options to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Today, 22 Days Nutrition offers nutritious, great-tasting vegan meal plans as well as vegan meal delivery. Its ultimate goal is to make going vegan easier for the good of people and the world around them.

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22 Days Nutrition is a top-rated online source for delicious and nutritious plant-based snacks, bars and meals. It offers vegan meal delivery to help promote healthy, environmentally responsible living.

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