The perfect wardrobe can make you feel unstoppable. Choosing simple, stylish pieces that you can mix and match will give you a versatile closet that takes the guesswork out of your hectic morning. Pieces that endure seasonal styles and remain effortlessly chic are worth their weight in gold; it’s these pieces that should act as the foundation for your wardrobe.

Pencil Skirt

Practical year round, a pencil skirt looks amazing with just about anything. In the winter, pair it with booties and a comfy sweater. In the spring you can tuck in a flowing blouse and pair with a tailored jacket for a refined look perfect for the boardroom. Its versatility will add structure for creative additions.  Wary about a skirt? Opt for a black knit dress in an office-appropriate length for the same benefits.

2018-04.05-Left-HP-ImageOnlyPolished pants

Every woman should have a pair of pants that make her feel like a million dollars. For lasting style, choose a solid basic shade (like black or gray), that can easily pair with multiple colors and patterns, so you get the ultimate use out of them. Choose forgiving fabrics that won’t wrinkle or fade easily such as an acrylic/ polyester blend.

A pop of red

Don’t underestimate what a splash of color can do for your wardrobe.Timelessly sophisticated, incorporating red will take any outfit to the next level. This is also a great place to add a garment with unique details. Stripes, buttons, gold, metal accents, patterns, they all look excellent paired with red.

Tailored Knit Jacket

A versatile and impeccably tailored jacket will complete your look while adding an extra layer of professionalism. Look for one with vivid texture that will transcend the seasons, in fabric that will hold its shape throughout the day.  A rich knit jackets will go with anything.

Statement Jewelry

Use statement jewelry to spice up your outfit and bring your whole look together. According to Bazaar magazine, you should let your jewelry do the talking in 2018. Now is the time to go for daring. Large hoops in bold colors and materials, long earrings that graze the neck, quirky brooches on cardigans and jackets, eclectic bead or seashell accessories—this year, anything goes, so take advantage.

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