For physically demanding tasks, hand trucks are a necessity. They aid in preventing injury from lifting while increasing productivity. While it may seem like a simple tool, there are many options that allow you to customize your hand truck to suit your needs.

lift hand truck 2For instance, you can choose between a manual model or a motorized model and the wheels can be selected based upon the ground you’ll be traversing. For example, a stair climbing dolly will move loads up and down stairs with ease. You can also choose a convertible option that allows you to change from two wheels to four wheels based on load requirements. And you can choose between steel and aluminum.

The benefits of aluminum far outweigh those of steel. Even the shark cages that protect divers from the fierce natural predators are crafted from aluminum. Aluminum can also have its strength increased even further by layering in additional elements during production. When choosing a hand cart, an aluminum frame will benefit you with its:

Lighter weight

The reduced weight of an aluminum hand truck has the potential to increase productivity and make your staff more efficient. With aluminum coming in at almost one third the weight of steel, it requires much less energy to push and pull a hand cart crafted from aluminum, allowing employees to do more while expending less energy.

Increased safety

Hand trucks crafted from aluminum reduce the risk of injury. That’s because they are lighter and easier to use. To further lessen the chance of injury, choose an aluminum model that has ergonomic features that help the user maintain correct posture and reduce the awkward movements that can lead to injury. These features are especially important if you’re choosing a stair climbing cart.

Reduced repair costs

While it might be true that aluminum can scratch or ding easier than steel, it is cheaper to repair compared to steel. In addition, aluminum has a high corrosion resistance due to the way it’s composed. Plus, repairs can be done quickly and easily, saving both time and money.

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