Now, seemingly more than ever, glasses have become the facial accessory that showcase our personal style while helping us see. But, those who’ve been wearing run-of-the-mill stock eyewear for some time know that—regardless of the price—they all seem to come with their own set of issues. Ones that you’re sometimes not even aware of until you’ve purchased the frames, got prescription lenses, and are now stuck with glasses that turn out to be a pinch too big, slightly too small, or cause some of the worst headaches.
Fortunately, there’s a way to sidestep issues like this, and that’s with glasses designed and created just for you—engineered to fit your unique face just right. Custom-made glasses are the solution to the problem many of us have resigned to dealing with in order to see. Not only can they help prevent headaches by taking your personalized, appropriate temple pressure into account, you can also say goodbye to the annoying slipping and constant pushing up of your standard stock frame. That’s because custom-fit eyewear is created just for you and therefore will be sculpted to contour to your nose and the precise location of each ear.

Thankfully, this is an option that is now available, and easier than ever, as companies like Topology are using apps to design custom-made glasses. Through the Topology App, a 3D scan of your face is created in order to ensure that each pair of glasses they custom make are designed specifically for your unique facial measurements.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider custom-made glasses:

You Have a Big Face

Some of us seem to be made with a bigger noggin than others, which usually isn’t a problem at all—until you’re trying to find glasses that actually fit your head. While having glasses that appear a bit too small isn’t a look anyone is after, the headaches that can result from trying to make something work that clearly isn’t a good fit is even worse.

Fortunately, by choosing custom-made eyewear, you can map and model your unique face shape, so you get the perfect fit. This also means the style and color combinations you can pick and choose for your perfect pair of custom-fit glasses are seemingly endless. So instead of searching high and low for anything that fits and settling for bland frames, you get to wear big frame glasses that are not only engineered to fit your face, they’ll be in line with your personal style as well. Goodbye headaches.

You Have a Small Face

Petite is often something people strive for, but when you have a small face and all of the stock eyewear companies don’t quite cater to your face shape, it can become a nuisance trying to find and keep glasses on your face. Even though oversized frames are “in,” it’s nice to have a pair of frames you know will stay on when you glance down and actually fit, rather than continually slide off, your nose.

Thankfully, custom-made eyewear can leave issues like this in the past. When you order custom-fit glasses for small faces that doesn’t just mean that you get to pick out the color of the frame or the style of it—it also means the nose bridge will be mapped and modeled to fit your specific face. As many of us can imagine, a custom-sculpted nose fit could do wonders to help glasses fit our face. Not only would this eliminate nose bridges that dig in, rub, or slide down your nose, it would also make wearing glasses much more comfortable.

You Need a Solution

It’s amazing what we’ll put up with when we need to use glasses to see: headaches, frames sliding off or digging into our face, and otherwise uncomfortable fits prove that eyeglasses don’t belong in the one-size-fits-all category.

Whether your face is bigger, smaller, or you’ve found that stock eyewear just isn’t serving your needs, custom-made glasses are the solution you’ve been searching for. Custom-fit eyewear will take your specific facial measurements and use them to create your unique glasses measurements in order to engineer a pair of one-of-a-kind frames that are guaranteed to fit your face.

One-size-fits-all wasn’t meant for our eyewear. Stand out and leave the issues of stock eyewear behind with glasses custom-fit (and made!) for your face.

About Topology

Topology designs custom-fit eyewear unique to each individual’s face shape and needs from San Francisco’s Design District. Through the user-friendly Topology Eyewear App, anyone in search of high-quality, one-of-a-kind eyewear can take a 3D scan of their face, create custom designs, and try out a risk-free prototype. Topology creates custom-made eyewear, including sunglasses, prescription glasses, and glasses with non-prescription lenses engineered to have the perfect fit for your unique face.

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