To average laymen and beginning fishers, fishing shirts and other performance apparel might not seem like a necessary investment. However, spending any amount of time in a stream or on the ocean will make clear how vital this clothing can be.

For people around the world, fishing is more than just a pastime. It is a passion handed down from generation to generation. For people who work in the fishing industry, it goes even further—it is literally their way of life.


Serious fishermen will recognize the importance of having good gear and clothing. Spending hours out on the water day after day, month after month and year after year can be hard on a person’s body. Here are some of the benefits of having high-quality fishing shirts and other apparel.

Protection from UV Rays

On any given day, anglers and commercial fishermen face a variety of challenges while they are fishing. One of the biggest is the sun itself. Fishermen need to think about the damage to prolonged exposure to the sun can cause, including:

• Sunburns
• Sunstroke
• Skin Cancer
• Prematurely Aging Skin

To stay safe, anglers need to keep their faces, arms and necks covered. Well-designed long sleeve fishing shirts can shield their arms from the sun without getting soaked with sweat. High-quality fishing have high UPF sun ratings. Some of them even have features like mesh-lined vents in the shoulder blades to help keep wearers cool.

Staying Clean and Dry

It may be completely redundant to point this out, but people who fish should expect to get wet. If you manage to land a great catch, you may well get splashed lifting it out of the water. Just being in a boat will get water on your clothes and skin. A few hours of that can get pretty unpleasant when a person has the wrong clothes on.

A good fishing shirt and bib pant can help someone stay dry, warm and clean while they are fishing. Fishermen can find clothing that is water-resistant and dries quickly.

Greater Flexibility and Motion

Last but not least, fishermen need to wear clothes that lets them move easily. They can find pants and shirts that give them both durability and flexibility.

Grundéns is proud to provide anglers and commercial fishermen with performance apparel that gives them all of the above. Customers can also find luggage like a waterproof duffel bag at the company’s online store.

About Grundéns

Grundéns offers a diverse assortment of high-quality fishing clothes, fishing gear and onshore workwear to sport and commercial fishermen. The company’s long sleeve fishing shirts and other performance apparel are designed to give anglers comfort, protection from the elements and unlimited range of motion.

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