The success of every small business depends on consistently attracting the right customer and generating ongoing sales through product assortment, availability and display. Whether a new start-up or established business, customer service and satisfaction must be a top priority. There is no better way to satisfy a client than to sell what she or he wants to purchase.


When customers visit home decor and gift shops, they expect to find a selection of unique, high quality and on-trend merchandise which makes a positive first impression. A decision to purchase, however, often comes down to pricing so owners must recognize and determine the fine-line that exists.

To consistently maintain this balance, many small businesses purchase inventory from a wholesaler. A wholesaler sells a wide array of diverse products, often only available to businesses (no individuals), in bulk quantities and at significant cost savings when compared to buying individually. The variety of distinctive products excites and attracts customers and, from an owner’s standpoint, wider profit margins are always welcomed. This makes wholesale gifts an important component in the ongoing operations of businesses everywhere.

In addition to gift and home decor stores, other businesses can benefit from purchasing wholesale products. Furniture stores, galleries, local floral shops, specialty kitchen stores and stationery shops can experience remarkable profit and growth potential as a result of partnering with a reputable wholesaler.

Each discussion of the most respected home decor wholesalers involves DEMDACO. Since 1997, DEMDACO has been bringing delightful goods to shops around the world—hand-selected pieces which lift the human spirit and inspire people to nurture goodness and be kind to themselves and others. DEMDACO’s products beautifully celebrate the diverse ways humans live and engage with family and friends. Its dynamic assortment includes extraordinary goods for any age, season, holiday, occasion and milestone.


DEMDACO is a widely-recognized supplier of tailor-made products. It supplies home decor, accessories and gifts wholesale to small businesses around the world.

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