When you’re shopping for new rain gear, not knowing the difference between breathable waterproof rain gear and PVC rain gear can end in a long, hot, uncomfortable day. However, choosing gear that suits your activities is easy once you know the differences between them.

Keep in mind, whatever rain gear you’re interested in, its performance will be improved with the correct long sleeve fishing shirts worked into your layering technique.

Waterproof Breathable

The key word here is breathable. With breathable waterproofing, sweat and condensation don’t build up under your garment; instead, they are able to pass outward. This ability is due to the composition of the fabric itself, as breathable fabrics have tiny holes within them that encourage water vapor to escape without allowing any water in. To prevent water from entering at the site of the seams, waterproof breathable garments will usually be reinforced with PVC tape on interior seams.

If you are going to be active, sweating, and moving, this is the rain gear you’ll want to prevent becoming a soaking, uncomfortable mess.

Polyvinyl-Chloride (PVC)

While breathable waterproofing allows moisture out, PVC simply isn’t that refined. PVC is designed for completely waterproofing a garment by creating an impermeable barrier against water. Even the seams of PVC garments are welded to create a completely watertight seal. PVC is a coating applied to a durable, abrasion-resistant base fabric to make said fabric impenetrable to water. Because PVC doesn’t breathe, you should ensure garments composed of it are cut loosely on your body to assist with mechanical ventilation.

If you will spend your time sitting or standing with little exertion, but still want to maintain a dry condition, this is the style for you.

Layering for extra protection

No matter which style of rain gear you choose, proper layering underneath it will keep you more comfortable. Layers that are engineered to wick moisture and dry quickly will improve any day in rain gear.

Washing your rain gear

Properly washing your fishing bibs and other rain garments extend their life and their wear. Sun, salt, dirt, oils, and time all work against your gear. To keep it clean and functioning as it should, wash it with a specific detergent for cleaning technical synthetic garments—Nikwax Tech Wash and Mountval Wash and Care are both great examples of products that work.

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