It is no secret that Boiseans love good food. This is especially true when it comes to steak.

With people coming to the City of Trees from different states and even different countries, steakhouse owners and restaurant operators need to go the extra mile. Diners in Boise have grown more sophisticated. Consequently, their demands have become higher. When people in the Treasure Valley and beyond decide to visit downtown Boise restaurants, they expect the best.

What exactly does “the best” mean? It means the highest quality food paired with the finest wines and cocktails, of course. However, it also means providing the most expert, most courteous service in a setting that exudes sophistication and class.

Here are some of the things that people have come to expect from a great steakhouse in Boise:

Amazing Food and Drinks

At the risk of being redundant, Boise steakhouses need to deliver first-rate steaks. Owners and operators cannot settle for having steaks comparable to chain restaurants in the area. They need premium meat like Kobe-style beef and prime, corn-fed steaks.

Also, “seafood Boise” might not seem like two words that would go together naturally, but the best stakehouses in this area can offer high-quality seafood dishes such as:

• Freshly Shucked Oysters
• Baby Pink Abalone
• Hawaiian Ahi Tuna
• Fresh Whole Maine Lobsters

The best Boise steakhouses do not stop there either. They can offer customers an impressive selection of wine, domestic and imported beer and cocktails as well. After all, what is great food without great drink?

Hospitality and Ambiance

Steakhouses in Boise need to take the entire dining experience into consideration. The artwork hung on the walls, the lighting, the smiles on the servers’ faces, the time it takes for food to reach the tables—all of these elements and more create the atmosphere of a place. It can make the difference between a so-so lunch or dinner and a dining experience that people will remember for years to come.

One element that can set the mood for a night out is music. It can pay off when people know that a steakhouse offers not only great food and drinks but some of the best live music Boise has to offer. They are more likely to think of that place first for big celebrations or nights out on the town.

Chandlers offers people in the Treasure Valley unforgettable dining experiences. Located in downtown Boise at Hotel 43, the restaurant has won awards for its wine list and is widely considered the best steakhouse in Boise. It features live music seven nights a week from some of the most skilled jazz musicians in the area.

About Chandlers

Chandlers is a fine dining Boise restaurant. It offers guests world-class service, the most delicious steaks and seafood Boise has to offer and ambiance that is second-to-none. Chandlers’ seafood menu features fish flown in directly from Hawaii.

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