Some vendors might think that food brokers or grocery brokers are just glorified salesmen—they sell a product to different stores or chains and nothing more.

In truth, great grocery brokers do so much more than that. The best agencies serve as partners for their clients. Not only can they get products onto shelves, they can:


  • Monitor store-level activity and pricing
  • Give clients invaluable insights into their competitive landscape
  • Make recommendations on packaging, assortment and distribution of products
  • Assist with the creation of everything from print coupons to online marketing campaigns

Here are some of the things that a first-rate grocery broker can do for a brand:

They Can Make the Right Connections

Grocery brokers can spend years maintaining and cultivating relationships with independent retailers and chains. This makes it easier for them to position products and to educate clients on what specific retailers are looking for.

They Can Do the Footwork

A food broker can provide support for brands after products make it onto the shelves too. They can track store-level activity, respond to issues quickly, coordinate special events, assist with introducing new items and much more.

They Can Help Craft a Brand’s Messaging and Marketing Strategies

A leading grocery broker can help brands connect with the public at large as well. They can work with their clients to develop marketing strategies that meet their specific needs and challenges. Not only that, the very best grocery brokers can:

  • Offer services relating to PR, content creation and publishing
  • Manage engagements on social media and other channels
  • Assist with clients’ SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Provide design and production services for packaging, displays, coupons and more.

They Can Spot New Trends and Opportunities

The best grocery brokers do not just help clients meet their current goals. They also give their clients the ability to stay ahead of the curve. In other words, they monitor trends and changes in the industry and help clients take advantage of new opportunities.

Impact Group is proud to provide comprehensive grocery broker services to vendors across the United States. The company helps its clients develop and execute marketing programs that align with those of retailers and drive businesses forward. Impact Group also provides 24/7 customer service and eCommerce support.

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