Every season, the Pantone Color Institute releases the Fashion Color Trend Report. This overview of fashionable colors for the season or year highlights trending hues that will appear on runways and showrooms around the world. Autumn 2018 shades are striking, creative, and go against traditional “fall” expectations.

Discover this season’s most important color trends from Pantone, and how to incorporate them into your home decor. From luxe throw pillows to custom valances, cultivate a custom style that reflects your unique yet fashionable taste.


Modern Fall Palette

This palette includes autumnal hues that evoke an outdoor theme with deep, rich tones and an outburst of non-traditional colors. These shades combine to create a signature look that should anchor itself in deeper, darker shades and lighter, more vibrant hues. Accent colors like these should be showcased with custom drapes, patterned throw blankets and pillows, solid colored vases, textured frames, and other decorative accessories.

Red Pear

This deliciously rich shade of red has depth and flavor, similar to burgundy wine. Pairs well with Sargasso Sea and Almond Buff.

Valiant Poppy

Discover bright accents with this outgoing shade of red. Strong yet flirtatious, this unexpectedly loud color stands out from “normal” autumn themes. Complements Quiet Gray and Tofu.

Nebulas Blue

Also known as millennial blue, this thoughtful shade of cobalt is softer, yet still stands out from the crowd. Pairs well with Tofu.

Ceylon Yellow

Reminiscent of delicious spices, this exotic shade is a fabulous accent color in your fashion accessories and your guest bathroom. Complements Sargasso Sea.

Martini Olive

Urban in origin and sophistication to a T, this classic smooth green adds depth to a modern palette. Pairs well with Quiet Gray and Almond Buff.

Russet Orange

This earthy orange is less obnoxious and more emphatic. Complements Sargasso Sea and Quiet Gray.

Ultra Violent

This gorgeous floral shade was declared the ultimate color for 2018 by Pantone last year. Still flourishing in autumn, this inventive and imaginative violet shade is deep yet softly feminine. Pairs well with Sargasso Sea, Tofu, Quiet Gray, and Meerkat.

Crocus Petal

Similar to Ultra Violet, this light purple hue is a subtle yet eye-catching color for bedroom accessories. Complements Meerkat, Almond Buff, and Quiet Gray.


An outstanding shade with a big personality, this yellow-green color is the center of attention everywhere it goes. It’s definitely a fashion risk that quickly becomes a stylish win. This confident color pairs well with Meerkat and Sargasso Sea.

Quetzal Green

This blue-green shade is almost, but not quite, teal in nature. It’s nostalgic, vintage, and reminiscent of plumage. Complements Meerkat, Quiet Gray, and Almond Buff.

Foundational Colors

According to Pantone, “While there is no ‘typical’ anymore, there remains a need for structure and foundation in everyday fashion.” These five core colors are relevant in every season this year. They provide a building block for your wardrobe and home decor to support creativity and a customizable aesthetic. Foundational colors should be showcased in your furniture, rugs, wall paint or wallpaper, and other building block pieces.

Sargasso Sea

This gorgeous deep navy color reflects the chilly nights of autumn.


Every palette needs a white staple. This one is less yellow and more creamy.

Almond Buff

A throwback to the ‘70s with a modern touch, this camel hue is understated and designed to complement accented colors.

Quiet Gray

This timeless shade has been a popular foundational color this decade and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This season, fashionable gray is lightweight and smooth.


Wood-like and leather-esque, this toasty brown can be reflected in kitchen design and modern architecture.

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