Going to an adventure holiday is indeed a wonderful way not only to have good times but to test one’s endurance levels and stamina. There are many adventure activities that fill your heart with thrill and excitement. Trekking is one such activity that challenges the mind as well as the physical aspects of an adventure fanatic. It makes you familiar with the new culture and stunning outdoors. It has got so many fantastic things that it will simply give an adrenaline rush to you. If you are also willing to experience the trekking in scenic places, then get ready to roll the good times.

There are a number of credible sources which offer impeccable tours and hikes at the amazing attraction sites like Vale do Capão in Brazil. It is situated in between the Chapada Diamantina national park and is further surrounded by the mountains. Not only this, it is much more than a beautiful village, it can be considered as a cultural and ecological sanctuary. Due to its scenic beauty, the peaceful atmosphere, and its renowned cultural festivals, Vale do Capão has attracted a lot of visitors from all around the world.

Shady canyons, tall isolated peaks and open high plains, the Chapada Diamantina national park have also got its own mystic beauty. It has got deep natural swimming pools and spectacular waterfalls which makes it an absolute hiking trail in Brazil. With the growing popularity of Chapada Diamantina, the premium travel guide offers exceptional mountain hiking tours and multiple days trekking at magnificent locations of Chapada Diamantina. If you are in love with the exotic Pati valley, then get ready to witness its grandeur as the travel guides provide excellent trekking packages to Pati Valley. Besides this, it offers remarkable tour and travel packages for the following places:

  • Sossego waterfall
  • Buracao waterfall
  • Marimbus and Roncador river
  • Mosquito falls and blue wall

If you are searching for the travel and trekking agency which let you discover the incredible Chapada Diamantina, then look no further than Diamantina Mountains. It is a trusted and acclaimed name which provides the finest trekking packages for the group as well as a solo traveler at competitive rates. It offers the best multilingual guides so that there would be no language bars while travelling and trekking. It offers accommodation which is near to the Chapada Diamantina National Park.

About Diamantina Mountains:

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