Packing light when traveling makes a world of difference on the road. Less stuff means less stress, and why worry about lugging heavy bags around when you can do without? Capturing memories from your adventures can be fun and challenging, but carrying a cumbersome DSLR can seriously dampen your experience.

Lucky for us, every current version of iPhone available can capture high-quality photos that compete with pro-level cameras. It’s absolutely untrue that you need training and expensive equipment to take quality photos. Here are a few tips to transform your travel pictures without adding more heavy gear to your bag.

Get Inspired

Following professional travel photographers and influencers on social media platforms is a fantastic way to get inspired for your own adventures. Get ideas on perspective, editing, and composition without having to take a single class.

Search for photographers on Instagram through the Discovery page and check out different hashtags related to where you’re traveling. Instagram shows the photos with the most likes first, giving you the best shots without having to sort through thousands of other people’s photos.

Essential Hardware

Enhancing the basic features of your camera phone is easy with an iPhone camera lens. Look for lenses that are shockproof, drop proof, and waterproof. Easy enough to throw into your bag without taking up much space or adding weight, attachable camera lenses enhance photos to a DSLR level without the expensive gear.

Having macro and micro lenses on hand gives you increased opportunities for photo perspective and higher quality. Check that they’ll fit with your iPhone case, which should be shatterproof and waterproof for even the toughest adventures.

Soft Editing

Less is more when it comes to clean and expert editing. You don’t need tons of filters or weird colors, which often distort the photo’s composition and cause viewers to focus on the filter rather than the subject. Your final look should capture the rich colors and defining contrast of whatever you captured.

Adjust the contrast and exposure to start. Then slightly increase the saturation to mimic whatever you were trying to capture with your iPhone. Use a filter to enhance natural colors and lighting without being distracting or obnoxious. Sometimes all you need is to adjust the contrast and saturation, and your photo looks just like the original colors.


If you’re traveling to a place with a famous landmark, natural or manmade, you’ve probably seen dozens if not hundreds of photos of it. In fact, it might have been a photo that made you want to visit. While it can be fun to take your own picture that mimics a classic setup, like Machu Picchu or the Eiffel Tower, changing the photo perspective makes yours unique.

Look around you to see how other people are taking photos of the landmark or landscape. Then, walk around to look at it from a different angle. Use the rule of thirds and engage the imposed grid on your iPhone camera. If it’s not already on your camera view, go to the iPhone Settings Camera menu and turn on the Grid.

Capturing moments from your trips can help you remember your adventures and also let you experiment with photography. Utilize your iPhone to take pro-level photos with an attachable iPhone camera lens and some realistic editing. Hitcase makes it easy to take impressive photos using only an iPhone with their mini-lenses and tough cases. Up your photography game and capture quality photos on your next adventure.

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