The holiday season is officially upon us, which can only mean one thing: Holiday parties are right around the corner. Whether you’re making holiday appetizers or sides for Thanksgiving dinner, joining family for Christmas brunch or breakfast, or organizing a festive potluck, you likely have meal preparation on your mind.

Unfortunately, we don’t get time off of work to plan for a celebratory party, and we definitely don’t get extra time in the day to prep for a big holiday meal. So, if you’re like most people, you might be earmarking time in your schedule to go grocery shopping, prep ingredients, and time each dish, so everything comes out on time. Even if you’re not hosting, holiday side dishes can take just as much planning.


Fortunately, there are many ways you can save time when planning your holiday meal and still deliver chef-level dishes. Time-saving appliances like a smart countertop oven can help you cook whatever holiday dishes you desire, creating5-star dishes that only taste like they took all day to prepare.

Brava uses patented Pure Light Cooking™ Technology to help you make delicious, homemade food that is certain to impress at any holiday gathering. Their Brava Oven is a multi functional smart oven that toasts, sears, and bakes (the latter with just a brief preheat), providing you with valuable time savings while creating chef-level dishes.

Brava’s multi-zone cooking removes the hassle and stress of waiting for one dish to cook while the other one is set aside, waiting. Instead, Brava’s Pure Light Cooking™ Technology and Temp Sensor offer precise, controlled cooking for each dish at once, on the same tray.

Whether you’re cooking fish, vegetables, starches, or meat, the right smart oven can take the work out of holiday preparation.Follow this guide to learn how to prepare chef-inspired dishes that are certain to please everyone this holiday season.


Proteins are a fixture at any holiday gathering, and it’s not always the turkey or ham. If you’re looking for a fun new holiday recipe while also saving time, a smart oven might be your answer. Whether you’re mulling over breakfast sausage for Christmas morning, chicken wings for the mid-morning football game, or salmon fillet for a decadent dish, you can use Brava’s single ingredient settings to prepare and enjoy your dish.

For best results, make sure your protein matches the height and size as displayed on the smart oven’s touch screen, pat each piece down with a paper towel, and cook foods straight from the fridge. The best parts: You don’t need to use oil when cooking most proteins, making clean up a breeze—and the Brava Oven requires no time to preheat, providing even more time savings.

Vegetables and Fruit

Asparagus, brussels sprouts, butternut squash, potatoes, and baby broccoli are fan favorites at any dinner, but they make especially good sides at a holiday party. The same goes for sweet pears or baked apples.

If you’re planning a decadent vegetable or fruit side, be sure to cut your produce the same size and select your desired setting on Brava’s smart oven to enjoy a chef-inspired dish within minutes.You can use a basic ingredient setting on the Brava Oven for each holiday dish to ensure each is cooked to its desired level of doneness and comes out exactly as you expect.

About Brava

The Brava Oven is changing the way we cook at home. With proprietary Pure Light Cooking™ Technology and six lamps for precise cooking, the Brava Oven can cook up to three different food groups at separate temperatures at the same time. With the Brava Oven, healthy, tasty, home-cooked meals are possible in an estimated 20 to 30 minutes. If you need inspiration, the Brava App offers 60-plus chef-inspired recipes for quick, healthy, and delicious meals any day of the week.

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