An argument could be made that whatever sort of abode you’re moving from, moving is moving. You pack your stuff up, use a traditional hand truck to load up the trailer or truck, unpack it in the new place, and you’re done. Always a time-consuming hassle, but basically the same thing whether you’re moving out of a house or apartment, right?

7Not exactly. There are some definite differences between moving out of an apartment and a house. Recognizing those differences and taking them into account can mean the difference between a successful move and a miserable, and even injury-risking, disaster.

Finishing Up the Apartment Move-Out Necessities

One of the primary differences between moving out of a house and an apartment is that it’s a near-certainty that the apartment is arental. So, in addition to giving your notice (of course), be sure to tie off all the details necessary when moving out of a rental, such as:

· Turn in all keys, including your mail key

· Make sure you’re paid up completely

· Give everything a deep clean, including the bathtub and kitchen appliances

· Patch any holes in the walls

· Fix or replace any little broken items like toilet seats, change light bulbs, etc.

In addition to these steps, consider requesting a pre-move inspection with the property manager that includes a record of anything damaged or missing to help avoid any surprise fees or a depleted security deposit. It’s wise to take pictures of the state of anything that you might think could be disputed.

Use the Right Tools and Know Your Limits

Most moving injuries are avoidable. They’re often the result of people not following the basic safety procedures and not knowing (or ignoring) their limits. The “lazy man’s load,” carrying too much or something too heavy, can cost a lot more time in the long run. Moving injuries are particularly unfortunate because there are so many tools available to avoid them.

Something as simple as lifting straps can save a lot of time, strain, and back pain. Hand trucks and dollies are likewise great for lifting heavy furniture or appliances and stacks of boxes. Be sure to use the appropriate tools. Many apartment moves require going up and down stairs. That can prove inconvenient and even dangerous during a move. For moving heavy appliances, boxes, or furniture up and down stairs, utilize a dependable stair climbing cart. Injuries resulting from the loss of control of something heavy on stairs can be very serious.

Time Your Move

Another feature of apartment moves that doesn’t apply to house moves is the other people in an apartment building. Chances are that you are aware of what times of day are busiest in your apartment building, the kind of pedestrian rush hour of people coming and going. Usually, those high-traffic, apartment building rush hours correspond roughly with the actual traffic rush hours, before and after work.

As such, it’s best to plan moves for the periods between the mornings and evenings of weekdays, or on the weekend. That’s not only the most convenient approach to moving out of an apartment, for both you and everyone else in the building, it’s also a matter of safety. Trying to squeeze past other people down staircases or even through narrow hallways can result in injuries to the movers and other residents.

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