Custom drapes are something that might seem superfluous or insignificant to some. However, they can help transform the whole look and feel of a house or an apartment. In terms of their style as well as their functionality, they can go a long way towards creating the atmosphere that someone wants for their home.

Why Choose Custom Drapes?

When someone opts for custom drapes, they get:

Greater Selection

People who choose ready-made drapes are stuck with whatever they get—colors, patterns, you name it. Obviously, this does not leave a lot of room for personalization.

With custom drapery, you get many more options. Window treatment specialists can guide their clients through a bewilderingly wide range of fabrics, colors, designs and mounts. They can help people zero in on drapes that meet their functional demands while creating just the right mood or tone for a room.

Better Workmanship

Regardless of whether they are motorized or manual, the best custom drapes are designed to last for years. Mass-produced drapes might look decent enough at first, but closer inspection may reveal some poor workmanship.

For example, some ready-made drapes are made from thin, cheap material. Also, the hems on the side and bottom will have unappealing, machine-made stitches. By contrast, high-quality custom drapery will be crafted by hand and have such noteworthy features as precise pattern-matching and double-turned hems.

Customized Fit

Even if ready-made drapes look good and are made from quality material, they might not necessarily fit your windows. You might liken them to a man’s suit that comes off the rack at a department store—it might be well-made, but maybe the pants do not quite reach the ankles or the jacket sleeves do not cover the arms.

Following that analogy, custom drapes are like a tailored suit for a home’s windows. The best custom drapery providers can design and install drapes so that they fit just right.

Smith & Noble has provided residential and commercial clients with first-class custom drapery and shades. The company’s Measure & Install services and free design consulting ensure that both homeowners and business owners get the window treatments that they truly want. People can receive over two dozen free samples of any material, finish or trim in Smith & Noble’s collection.

About Smith & Noble

Smith & Noble has offered well-made, visually appealing custom drapery, blinds and other window coverings since 1987. The company takes pride in giving its clients outstanding style and functionality.

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