Is video part of your marketing strategy? Were you interested in how YouTube can help to promote your business?

Today, YouTube is the second largest search engine, which creates an excellent opportunity to build long-term and stable relationships with your potential customers through the publication of a 3-5 minute video, which is useful advice, usage guides or brief guidance. In order to create greater confidence among customers, you can also submit your staff, show one working day in your company or publish a video call of your customers. Agree, the likelihood that people will see an informative video about your product or service is much higher than reading a long selling letter. You can also free YouTube subscribers easy and quick by just following some effective measures and tips.

More and more successful companies use video marketing as their main strategy, demonstrating their products and services to customers. In this case, a variety of formats are used, from explanatory videos and webinars to serious volume presentations.

According to the statistics provided on the official YouTube site:

  • YouTube audience – over a billion users;
  • Billions of views and hundreds of millions of hours of playback daily;
  • During 2015, the total monthly viewing time increased by one and a half times;
  • Every minute, users upload 300 hours of video to YouTube;
  • YouTube is localized over 75 countries, and its interface is translated into 61 languages;
  • Half of YouTube views are on mobile devices.

Given these statistics, you can draw conclusions about where your target audience is. YouTube is a very effective tool to increase your audience. After all, this is a society of real people who want to communicate and share interesting content with the same real people. The publication of useful video content is able to attract a large number of subscribers, who in turn will gladly share it with their friends and acquaintances, thereby providing you with an additional flow of new customers. The main condition is only one! Video! There should be a lot of video, and it must be constantly updated. However, do not forget that you are also a member of the community you are creating, so participate in conversations and respond to comments on your videos as quickly as possible. You can also buy YouTube likes by investing a nominal fee in a popular platform.

Do not forget that on YouTube, both in the channel interface, and in the descriptions of the video and even on the video itself, you can post links to your official website, to groups in social networks and other useful materials and sites.

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