As daily life gets more pressure-ridden, the need to do some proper self-care becomes even greater. This does not need to be anything super-elaborate—it can start with something as easy as taking a long soak in a bubble bath after work.

These days, it seems easier than ever for someone to stress out. Not only do our lives feel more frantic and scattered, there are all sort of voices that tell us what to do, think and be. These voices can come from anywhere—our family, our acquaintances, our Instagram, even our own head. When we do not measure up to these impossible standards, it can drain any and all pleasure from our lives.


Here are a few simple but effective things that people can do to keep from feeling overwhelmed:

Take a Few Deep Breaths

When things are at their craziest, it can pay to just stop for a minute and breathe deeply. Let the air travel all the way down to the pit of your stomach and feel your belly and chest expand. After a couple of seconds, let the air out. Repeat the process a couple more times and do not think about anything else. This can help clear someone’s mind while they are taking care of business.

Take a Long, Warm Bath

Few things feel as good after a stressful day as a long soak in the bathtub. Just put the world on hold for a while and luxuriate in the warmth of the water. To make the bath even more soothing, drop in a couple of bath oil beads.

Write Down Compliments

People seldom have any trouble remembering the bad things that others say about them (or that they say about themselves). However, how many people really think about the nice things? Write compliments down on a card or a notepad. At the same time, make up a few of your own. Whenever you start beating up on yourself, pull them out and read them over. Remember the things you have done well and people who value you.

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