Over the last few decades, wind turbines and solar panels have become increasingly common for organizations and homeowners alike. The benefits of renewable energy are overwhelmingly positive, providing solutions to the increasingly worrisome issue of increased greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. In the United States alone, almost 29% of emissions come from electricity. Fossil fuels like coal and natural gas are the most common materials that energize power grids and other energy-consuming appliances. Clean and reusable energy is the obvious solution to harmful and enormous power waste. The reduction of pollution from power plants that use coal and natural gas plants would significantly decrease linked public health issues such as breathing problems, cancer, and even premature death. Easy to access and high-quality energy efficient Idaho solar products are easier to find and install than energy efficient products of the past, positively impacting consumers from home to corporate organization levels.


The planet already provides all of the necessary weather conditions to positively feed solar and wind energy efficient products such as solar panels and wind turbines. Currently, only a fraction of energy derives from energy efficient technology. Energy renewable and efficiency companies like EvenGreen Technology are dedicated to consumer education and affordable products with the intention of increasing public awareness of installation ease and affordability. Small towns benefit from energy efficiency too. Twin Falls solar power efficiency is available for every business, from agriculture companies to local businesses. Not only do they decrease budget spent on power, but they establish sustainable resources and practices that are viable for decades. Energy efficient technology needs technicians to install and maintain it, creating thousands of jobs that do not disappear because the resource is endless.

Solar power is less prone to overall failure because they are installed in distributed and modular systems. Distributed systems are spread out over a geographic area and will not fail as a whole because they are designed to not cut off power to an entire region due to bad weather. Modular systems are a collection of individual solar arrays. It is consistently rare that in the case of bad or severe weather that damages a majority of energy equipment. Solar power systems are proven to be reliable and resilient, a low-risk to providing entire populations with consistent and robust power.

EvenGreen Technology is proud to provide solar Meridian, Boise and Twin Falls clients with superior energy efficient technology. The company also provides a wide range of related services such as onsite evaluations, financing, and solar energy efficiency products.

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EvenGreen Technology’s competitively priced solar products and services allow for greater energy management Boise, Twin Falls and other Idaho cities.

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