Varmint hunting is not only a fun diversion between big game seasons for hunters, it can also prove as a satisfying, environmentally-friendly culling of destructive, invasive, and in some cases even dangerous species. As is the case with any kind of hunting though, you need the right tools for the job. And the right tool for the hunting of small varmints is the .22 LR.

There’s a reason the .22 LR remains, by a huge margin, some of the most commonly sold ammunition in the world. The .22 LR is a versatile, effective, and maybe most importantly, affordable cartridge and is perfect for the hunting of small varmints. So find the best 22 LR ammo for sale, rack up, and go get some small varmints. Here are some to aim for:

11Prairie Dogs

While driving out to the middle of nowhere to snipe the prairie dogs minding their own business in their own territory might not appeal much, when they’re ruining yards, undermining pastures, and threatening crops—game on. A good .22 LR hollow-point will get the job done.


While squirrels aren’t necessarily invasive, they can certainly be pests, digging up gardens and planters to bury food and eating garden produce. They’re also a blast to hunt, being small, spry, and agile. Some more resourceful hunters even harvest them for their pelts and, for true woodsmen, for food. There’s not a lot to a squirrel, however, and anything but a .22 LR isn’t going to leave a lot to work with. Check local hunting season regulations to be sure you’re in-season.


Infamously released in NYC’s Central Park in the late 19th century by an addled fan of Shakespeare, starlings have become an uber-invasive menace from Mexico to Alaska. Although it’s not going to make much of a dent in the roughly 200 million of them inhabiting North America, picking off starlings can at least provide a bit of satisfaction for fans of the native bird species these pests are replacing. Although, depending on the habitat and population density, a good pellet gun can prove just as effective as a .22 LR.


There are businesses that will request (usually very discreetly), that hunters target their rats. As is the case with the hunting of anything small that can congregate in urban areas, while using a .22 LR will virtually guarantee the clean drop of a rat, you don’t want to be firing any caliber in a populated region without taking the utmost precautions.


Like squirrels, rabbits are not an invasive species, though they can quickly overpopulate regions and wreak havoc on crops and the local ecosystem. After all, they breed like… well, you know. Also like squirrels, rabbits are hunted for their pelts and meat, and anything bigger than a .22 slug is unnecessary overkill. Again, check local hunting season regulations to be sure you’re in-season.

Find some 22 LR ammo for sale, stock up, have fun, and be safe.

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