The internet or the World Wide Web is a host to several sites that depicts information, business, tool, and utility. And the fraud is the part and parcel of these. With the increased use and advantages that the internet offers, the risk or the uncertainty is multiplied by the ten-folds. Internet fraud as the name conjures is an illegal practice that uses the internet to function and access. One such fraud that needs our immediate attention and awareness is the click fraud. It is a felonious activity that works by clicking on the advertiser’s payable ads.


With the increase in the risk it possesses, there are a plethora of firms that offer solutions to stop click fraud. But before, the people should delve deeper into this subject; they should know what actually it is all about. The business employs a medium called Pay-Per-Click where they publish ads, and the number of times the ad is clicked the advertiser has to pay a certain fee or charge to the concerned authorities. But, the theft or the illegal activities of the multiple clicks are done by either a person clicking several times on the hyperlink or through a automated software. According to the further research in this realm, the facts and reporting illustrate that these are either done by the competitor to expunge the competition from the very root or the person doing these, generates revenue by depleting the other’s budget completely, as the complete traffic goes to their site. Often, these crimes may be greater in number but their activity is so small that it often goes unrecognized.

At times, these are done by the publishers in order to increase their game of paid advertising or the customers who unknowingly engage in similar activities. No matter what the purpose or the source is of such crimes, the advertiser not only loses its fiscal estimates but also the ads clicked do not produce the traffic, i.e. no conversion rates. Thus there is an urgent need to protect yourself and your company’s valuable sources from the thefts and frauds. AdTector is a trusted name that has offered its customers with click fraud protection solutions, thus saving the advertisers resources and assets. With several years of experience and technological proficiency, the firm has designed customized solutions that offer maximum protection. The protection plan is 100 percentile risk-free, and the initial 14 days are of a free service promise.

About AdTector:

AdTector is a premium name that offers Google click fraud detection services, to safeguard their clients business from the risk and online thefts.

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