No matter the season, everyone has different skin issues. Sunburns in the summer, dryness in the winter, wrinkles with age, and pesky blemishes. Vitamins aren’t only useful for nutrition, but also for healing and healthy skin. Vitamin E lotion and Glycerin lotion naturally provide healing and nourishing solutions to every skin type and help maintain already healthy skin. Both are highly beneficial ingredients for versatile skin care routines. Despite exotic trends and newer skincare ingredients, Vitamin E and Glycerin remain robust antioxidants in the skincare industry.


Dry Skin

Glycerin lotion provides proactive treatment for dry, dull, and cracked skin in need of deep moisturizing. Unlike other ingredients, Glycerin makes skin absorb moisture in the air into the skin to reduce dryness and dull patches. In colder and drier seasons, naturally formulated lotions that combine Glycerin and Vitamin E have powerful results in chronically dry or eczema-affected skin. Avoid products that use chemical ingredients in eczema or psoriasis affected skin, especially in sensitive areas like hands or face. Vitamin E lotion is thicker and more intensive on its own, better applied to chronically dry skin or relatively healthy skin on an “as needed” basis.


Despite diligent sunscreen application, sunburns can still happen and are sometimes difficult to care for. Many sunburn relievers and high-quality skin damage lotions include Vitamin E because of its healing agents. It simultaneously heals and locks in moisture, relieving any heat-based pain. Vitamin E also boosts collagen production, which encourages skin cell growth and regeneration. When dealing with a particularly severe sunburn, specialized vitamin E lotion can ease pain when applied topically multiple times a day.

Aged Skin

Brown spots and wrinkles occur naturally to aging skin. Vitamin E repairs skins at a surface and cellular level, helping to prevent damage and restore skin from sun exposure, dry skin, or health issues. By encouraging cell regeneration, specialty Vitamin E lotion and Glycerin lotion heal and preserve damaged and aging skin types. High-quality Vitamin E lotion can benefit skin that is wrinkle-prone through moisturizing and stimulating cell production. To maintain healthy and moisturized skin, consider comprehensive skin care by using Glycerin soap when washing hands and body.

From dry skin to sunburns, eczema to aging skin, Camille Beckman offers natural, high-quality lotion collections that moisturize and heal every skin type. Camille Beckman specializes in using natural ingredients and simple formulas that are especially ideal for sensitive skin types.

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