Nowadays, retailers and consumers may hear talk from executives and experts in the food and beverage industry of a “food revolution.” That might sound like hyperbole, but it is not.

The CPG industry has been undergoing major changes as of late. This is not just a question of what people buy; it includes why they buy at all. A seasoned food broker or CPG marketing agency can help producers stay on top of these trends and difficulties.

Here are two of the biggest industry trends that CPG brands need to be aware of:


Possibly more than anything else, food brands need to make transparency a top priority. This does not just mean clearly labeling what goes into various products—it also means being proactive about communicating this information to consumers.

One great example of this is the Hershey Co. In 2016, the well-known candy producer released an interactive tool on its corporate website called Sourcemap. The tool gives visitors an idea of the supply chain for the popular products Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Hershey has also collaborated with the Grocery Manufacturers Association to develop the digital platform SmartLabel, which enables consumers to research info on more than 24,000 products.

In a recent interview with Food Business News, Hershey’s director of product transparency Deborah Arcoleo spoke of working to overcome a “big is bad” bias among American consumers. Transparency, she said, is “the currency of trust… You have to share what you can with your consumer immediately.”

Transparency is especially important for natural and fresh food brands. After all, these vendors need to appeal to an audience that places the ingredients of products under especially high scrutiny.

A sales and marketing agency that specializes in the CPG industry—particularly one with natural food broker experience—can help brands engage with consumers and present their goods in the best possible light. They can provide insights into a client’s competition and help create content that fosters trust.


Another major area of concern for CPG brands is consistency among their products, their packaging and their marketing content. In a way, this ties in with the demand for greater transparency: Consumers are less likely to trust a brand when it seems to send out mixed or conflicting signals.

As online grocery shopping becomes more widespread, the need for consistency will only increase. For one thing, brands need to keep their product and packaging images up to date across all product information databases. This often gets overlooked whenever a company updates its packaging or branding.

Impact Group helps CPG brands keep images and messaging consistent across all channels. Using proprietary software and drawing upon years of connections and experience, the company provides all-encompassing sales and marketing services to its clients.

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