No one wants to fish all day when they’re fighting the elements unprepared. The more comfortable you are, the more you can concentrate on hooking your prize.

The importance of layering cannot be overstated; it is the key to enjoying the great outdoors for hours on end. The ability to add and remove layers keep you comfortable and even if it’s gorgeous when you leave, bringing your extra layers will keep you prepared should the weather turn. Pack your extra items in a waterproof duffel bag so, your extra gear stays clean and dry.
Base Layer

Your base layer will trap body heat during cold weather and wick sweat away to cool you during warm summer days. You’ll want to look for quick-drying fabrics, which pull moisture away from the body to prevent overheating. Soft fabric that stretches with your body easily is also important. Some fisherman prefer utilizing long sleeve fishing shirts as their base area as when other layers are removed you’ll be left with SPF protection from the sun. The one thing to remember is no cotton in your base layer.

Middle Layer

This layer should be looser in fit than your base layer but far from baggy. Designed to carry moisture away from your base layer, your mid-layer options come in a variety of weights that will give you the coverage you want. Whether you choose a midweight puffy jacket or a polyester fleece hoody, this layer should also possess moisture wicking capabilities that keep you cool and dry. If you are in an area that is prone to wind, choose an option with wind-resistance built-in.


When choosing fishing bibs, you’ll obviously want waterproof fabric with fully taped seams. Choosing features that make adjusting sizing to suit various layers easy, and that makes removal a simple process without removing your footwear will make your life on the water easier. Beyond that, bibs come with as many features as the people who wear them. Considering how you’ll use them and your personal preference will help you choose the best-suited bibs.

Outer Layer

This shell layer provides the ultimate protection from the elements. This layer should be totally waterproof with fully taped seams, especially if you fish the ocean as you’ll want protection from spray. Look for features that keep you dry, like breathable material and hook and loop cinch cuff closures or neoprene cuffs.

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