Rose, in all its forms—from rose essential oil to rose petals, and from dried rose buds to rose hips—is a powerful ingredient in natural products that offers benefits from head to toe. Beyond having a delightful, luxurious scent, rose-infused products can provide immune support, hydrate your skin, and help soothe irritation. Furthermore, rose essential oil contains vitamin A, which is considered to be a natural form of retinol.

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For Your Face

Rose is an ingredient that can do wonders for your face, whether it’s incorporated into a mask, serum, face oil, cleanser, or toner. This ingredient not only can add a delightful scent to products, but organic dried rose buds can also help exfoliate skin when used as an ingredient in a facial scrub. When featured in a face oil, rose oil and rosehip seed oil work to keep skin hydrated and radiant, and provide anti-aging benefits as it contains vitamin A, a natural form of retinol. Rose is also a favored ingredient in rose water sprays, and can be used to soothe irritation and provide moisture.

For Your Skin

Incorporate roses into your skin care routine by selecting products that contain this potent ingredient, such as body oil, serum, body butter, and bath salts. Known for their uber-moisturizing properties, a body butter with rose water will provide the hydration your skin needs with a luscious rose scent.When incorporated into bath salts, rose oil can provide relaxing properties and help restore the skin, while dried rose buds will help make your soak all the more luxurious.

For Your Body

Rose isn’t just a potent, effective ingredient for your face and skin, it can also provide powerful results for your overall body. Reap the benefits of this ingredient by choosing a product that has natural adaptogens, such as an herbal tea. Look for a tea that includes wild-harvested rose hip berries, which are an excellent source of vitamin C and also help provide immune support and anti-aging antioxidant benefits. A loose leaf tea blend that also incorporates mint leaves will help calm the stomach.

For Your Hair

Summer might be over, but you can still achieve loose, beachy waves by utilizing a sea salt spray. Seek one out that incorporates a natural, romantic rose scent by utilizing a potent and organic essential oil. Bonus points if you can find a hair spray that includes natural golden mica in order to give a golden shimmer to your locks, reminiscent of a sun-kissed glow.

To keep your hair healthy and remove these products once your day is done, look for a natural shampoo and conditioner from a trusted brand such as Rahua that will add hydration to your locks. A shampoo and conditioner that incorporates Ungurahua oil will help strengthen and fortify your hair while also regenerating hair follicles.

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