The first step to start generating Leads with videos is to have something to offer to convert your visitors. It can be an eBook, a tool, a class or a free video. In short, have a rich material with exclusive content so that visitors have access to them.

With a blog, a good choice of keywords and a good job in SEO, you can already be in a very favorable position in the search engines, but did you know that the second most used search tool in the world is YouTube? In addition to being the third most accessed site – being behind, of course, Google and Facebook – means that the search for videos represents a significant part of the search engines. Often people in such a quest ask for questions like how to get free youtube subscribers and real easy.

In addition, having a video on a product page increases the purchase intention by 85%, by increasing the reliability of the product for the customer, in addition to the video having a more intimate language, which speaks directly with the viewer.

I think you do not need more arguments to convince you that the video is here to stay, right?

When you have, therefore, something to offer, it is time to work what matters: the supply of that material. A video, as well as a text, is a format of language that speaks and argues for or against something, and that can be done in an advertisement, in a well-founded discourse, in a video class, among many other formats.

When you record your video, remember that, although content is the main point, quality is also a very important factor. The best produced videos tend to have a higher reliability than amateur videos. And here among us: producing a video well is no longer a task of the other world. Nowadays, anyone can create incredible videos with a cell phone in hand and a good idea in the head. You can also buy Facebook followers by investing a nominal amount or fee in that platform.

Remember that, like a post on your blog, the size of the video is the main factor for audience retention. The larger the video, the less likely it is that someone will see it to the end.

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