2018 is embracing bold, fearless home design. Geometric décor, bohemian accents, huge art, bold patterns, sun-bleached wood, and warm metals are all being fused together to create cozy, personal spaces. Introduce opulence with custom drapery, warm velvet, intense color, and curated accessories. Whether you want to reimagine an entire space or add accents that bring your room up to date, below are five easy ways to embrace boldness in your design.

Draw the eye up

Paying attention to the 5th wall of your room is very 2018. Designers are drawing the eye up by reimagining the plain white ceiling. Adding largely printed wallpaper, aged wood, or creative paint—think stripes or intense color—is a fantastic way to embrace boldness that you will see every day.


Embrace eye-catching windows

Window treatments are the perfect place to be fearlessly bold. You can work in patterns and colors that add layers of volume, texture, and design. Look for companies that offer free samples, so you know the fabric will transition the space the way you envision. Spring for custom drapes that fit your windows, and personality, perfectly.

Throw in pillows

If you’re going for big impact with a small budget, throw pillows are an ideal way to update. With the increased popularity of throw pillow covers, you don’t even have to budget for all new pillows, simply cover the ones you already own. Go Bohemian by mixing colors, pattern, and textures for an eclectic, personal feel. This is also a fun opportunity to incorporate components that you would otherwise avoid, like fringe, pompoms, sequins, and garish, large prints.

Make a statement

Update the scheme of your room with a large, fearless art piece that you love. Art is going large in 2018, the bigger, the better. Incorporate larger pieces into your favorite gallery wall to anchor the whole space or let a piece standalone and act as a focal point for a whole wall. You can use a piece to incorporate playfulness, abstractness, or embrace modernity.

Take it to the floor

Area rugs are having a moment, gone are the limited options of the past. Now, you can find rugs that forcefully conquer color and pattern. If you prefer a mellow color scheme, keep the large pieces of the room neutral in grays, tans, leather, cream, etc. and bring in rich pattern and color in the form of your rug. For a free-spirited look, layer rugs over one another, mixing color, pattern, and textures. If you have pets, go for a playful pattern in deep hues as they forgive spots and stains. Torn about what will look best? Go for a black and white pattern; it will go with anything and heighten the sophistication of any room.

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