“Take only photographs, leave only footprints.” This old saying has become almost a rallying cry among outdoor enthusiasts and organizations. It aims to promote responsible recreational uses of our shared outdoor spaces and alludes to the fact that if you follow responsible outdoor practices, such as staying on the trails and respecting the terrain, you will leave the area in the same condition in which you found it.
Of course, in this day and age, snapping photographs is as easy as ever, and pictures are an important way to capture the high of a challenging summit, a special moment shared with loved ones, or simply nature’s innate beauty.

As the winter season sets in, many people are flocking to the mountains to enjoy the season’s beauty. If you have an outdoor enthusiast on your list this season, consider gifting them with the ability to take awe-inspiring photography and pay tribute to that timeless outdoor ethos.

Phone Camera Lenses

Gone are the days of lugging heavy camera equipment. The ability to take high-quality landscape photos using your phone is more possible now than ever with the iPhone camera lens options on the market today.

A phone camera lens offers three times the magnification power of a traditional phone camera and a working distance of 12 to 22 mm. The best lenses come with magnetic mounting for easy on-and-off access, which make them perfect for capturing whatever beautiful scenery nature provides. Any outdoor lover will enjoy capturing stunning, up-close, panoramic, and long-distance photos, as well as the ease of attaching the lens directly to their phone. To really surprise the outdoor enthusiast in your life, look for designs that feature anti-reflective, anti-scratch, waterproof, and dust-proof coatings so they can capture those nature shots without damaging their phone lens.

For more inspiration this holiday season, look for a phone lens that comes with two glass lenses and refined optical designs to create clear, sharp images. Also shop around for wide and macro lenses to capture the most detail without blurring, cropping, or shadow effects. This will help capture nature’s beauty without leaving a trace.

Waterproof Case

Any outdoor enthusiast, from the casual hiker to the extreme adventurer, knows that a phone can take a beating when out in the wilderness. Having a shockproof, waterproof iPhone case can keep both the phone and photos safe during any outdoor activity.

Look for a waterproof case that has the added benefit of a built-in mounting system to make capturing photos easy. Cases like these can mount to a helmet, chest, or a tripod for ease and convenience, and many cases are shockproof and scratch-resistant to keep your outdoorsy friend’s phone safe and dry no matter which terrain they pursue.

With the right equipment and an adventurous attitude, it’s never been this easy to capture nature’s incredible beauty. However, if you think that outdoor enthusiast on your list could benefit from some photo editing tutorials, introduce them to some photo-enhancing apps and filters. Some of the simplest edits can be done directly on the iPhone’s photo editing options, but there are hundreds of other apps that make editing a breeze.

Whether you give the gift of photography, phone protection, or maybe just good company on the next hike, it’s never been easier to take magnificent photos while leaving only footprints.

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