Have you ever heard of stress hormones? No? Stress hormones are nothing but the hormones released in response to the situations that is when you are upset, angry or stressed. The hormones such as glucagon, adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol are released when the body starts to sense or encounter potentially dangerous situations. Moreover, for the purpose that they signal body receptors to release fatty acids for extra energy to deal with the situation, therefore being termed as counter-regulatory hormones. Often such situation arises when people encounter the situations that make them nervous or tense, for example, the one where you need to go to the dentist and you are tensed.

To combat such situations and to neutralize them, there are a plethora of medications formulated, the popular one among them being- Diazepam online. Diazepam, originally marketed as Valium is a drug of basically benzodiazepine family that on taking produces sedating effect. It is used to treat the following-

1. Anxiety

2. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

3. Sleep disorders

4. Regular muscle spasms

This medication or drug works by calming the brain nerves, they act directly on the brain receptors mainly, called the GABA receptors, thus releasing a neurotransmitter in the brain. The neurotransmitters are basically chemicals which are stored in the brain cells, fulfilling the basic purpose of transmitting the messages between the brain and the body. Moreover, GABA is one of the nerve-calming agents; the brain is signaled to release the GABA activity, causing them to go to the location where these are required. Therefore, leading to the drowsiness, relaxing muscles and decreasing anxiety. Moreover, these are one of the effective drugs that reduce the symptoms and causes relief. In the case of seizures, it has convulsions controlling activities, that by releasing GABA, they cause more of the sedative effect on the brain. Depending upon the condition, and how fast response is required it can be given by four modes- tablets, solutions, rectal solutions, and syrups.

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