Fishing is a deeply rewarding experience, but it is not always easy. Then again, some challenges now and again are part of what make it so rewarding.

Plenty of anglers can do just fine during Spring or the Summertime, when, as the song goes, “the living is easy.” When the temperature starts dropping or the water gets rough, however, some anglers might opt for staying in and binge-watching a show on Netflix.

Of course, truly dedicated fishermen know that some of the best fishing can happen in seemingly less-than-ideal circumstances. You just need to think ahead and pack fishing bibs and some other suitable gear. Here are a few tips for fishing in rough weather:

Wear Appropriate Clothing

It might seem like this could go without saying, but it is important to dress properly when fishing in cold or stormy weather. Not just any old clothes will do, though. What might work on, say, a hunting trip might not fare so well out on the water. And when an angler’s clothes do not hold up under the weather, they can go home cold, wet and miserable.

Garments like fishing bibs can help people stay warm and dry. The best ones are completely waterproof but also keep anglers from marinating in their own sweat. They will also have plenty of pockets for storing lures and whatever else someone might need.

Other good pieces of clothing to have include:

  • Jacket: A durable, water-resistant jacket can keep you warm and dry while you fish when the weather gets cool.
  • Base Layer Pant: A snug, quick-drying base layer pant can keep an angler’s lower body warm and dry. The best ones will also have 4-way stretch and anti-odor properties.

Watch the Barometric Pressure

Cold fronts and storm fronts—or more specifically, the times just before them—can create some terrific fishing opportunities. As a cold front approaches an area, the barometric pressure drops. This causes air bubbles to rise to the surface of bodies of water, bringing organisms and particles that fish can eat with them. People can check the barometric pressure readings for their area at the National Weather Service’s website and elsewhere.

Try Out Different Kinds of Bait

When fishermen are confronted with rough fishing conditions, it pays to try out different types of bait—jerk baits, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, you name it. This can help you find the right bait for that particular moment.

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