It is always important for people to let their loved ones know how they feel. But sometimes, words may not quite do the trick.

There are a variety of ways in which someone can express their love and affection. They could send flowers, cards, chocolates and so on and so forth. Figurative sculptures may not immediately come to mind for most people, but they can be an absolutely wonderful conduit for someone’s emotions. These simple, elegant figures can convey an enormous amount of feeling. When a person receives one of them from a loved one, they can see an encapsulation or a distillation of their entire relationship.

As the term suggests, a figurative sculpture is a figurine modeled after a hand-carved, wooden sculpture. These figures are created without faces, suggesting feelings instead through their postures and gestures—clasped or folded hands, outstretched arms, an arm wrapped around another figure, little things like that.

How can figurative sculptures convey such deep and profound emotions? Strangely, it partially has to do with the lack of features or expressions on the figures’ faces. That blank space invites a person to fill it in with their own feelings and memories. People put themselves in the position or the point of view of the figurines—the emotions that these figures express blend with the emotions of the people who have them.

Here are some special occasions which a figurative sculpture could make even more special:


It almost goes without saying that weddings are wonderful occasions. After all, what could be more touching than two people declaring to all the world that they wish to spend the rest of their lives together?

Figurative sculptures can help underline that declaration. People can select cake toppers that serve as lovely keepsakes. When a couple sees figures holding each other or clasping hands in the years that follow, it can make all the love and joy of their special day come flooding back.


Graduations are another very special moment in a person’s life. They signify that someone has made a significant achievement. A figurative sculpture can be a nice little way for someone to express their pride and appreciation for all that a graduate has done and continues to do.


Perhaps no time of the year makes people think of love and family more than Christmas-time. A nativity set of figurative sculptures can make a great gift for the most wonderful time of the year.

Willow Tree offers a wide assortment of high-quality figurative sculptures for occasions like these and many others. The company takes great pride in giving people ways to preserve memories and honor the love that they share.

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Willow Tree provides customers with figurative sculptures based on artist Susan Lordi’s elegant, hand-carved figures. These unique works of art can convey a wide range of emotions without words.

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