The Boise real estate market continues to be among the most active in the country. With a metropolitan population of just over 700,000, the area is at or near the top of many lists of top places to live in the U.S. Two factors which are repeatedly referenced in these rankings are Cost of Living and Quality of Life.

Cost of Living

An area’s cost of living includes expenses from transportation, fuel and food commodities to utilities, health care and local and state taxes. Potential homebuyers must evaluate whether a city’s cost makes a move worth the money and effort. For example, purchasing a less expensive home in a city with a high cost of living means a buyer could ultimately pay more in the long run. Recent studies indicate that Boise has a relatively low cost of living as compared to other populous regions. KPMG, the global accounting and auditing giant, reported in 2016 that Boise was the lowest cost metropolitan area in the Pacific U.S. Boise home builders credit the continuing housing boom to Boise’s low cost of living.

Quality of Life

Boise is situated on the seam at which the picturesque Rocky Mountains meet high deserts to create the Treasure Valley. This unique topography makes it internationally renowned for it access to a plethora of extra ordinary outdoor recreational activities. Boise’s progressive local government works hard to ensure development is measured and sustainable, with serious consideration given to long-term effects on the area’s natural beauty, resources and character. Boiseans enjoy exceptional schools, top-tier regional medical facilities, world-class cultural events, miles of open spaces and one of the country’s best park systems.

These are two of the innumerable factors which make Boise an ideal place to live. After deciding to move to the Treasure Valley, potential residents must partner with the right real estate professional to expertly guide them through the often-complicated process. The Mike Brown Group is a one-stop solution for all real estate needs. Its agents are knowledgeable, experienced—with centuries of combined experience—and passionate about their city.

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