Accurate, reliable, and simple to operate, the AR-15 is a diverse weapon that is easily customizable. An excellent gun for beginners, not only is the AR easy to shoot, but due to its accuracy, even a beginner can hit targets time and again. The AR also makes plinking for fun a great time, and 223 ammo is easy to acquire in bulk so you can stay out all day. Plus, with its simple design, it is easy to take apart and customize it to build the custom gun you’ve always wanted.One gun with multiple uses, the AR can be customized to suit your needs in a variety of ways. By swapping out the upper, you can make it your AR a completely different weapon. Barrel length plays a massive part in altering your AR; a longer barrel will increase accuracy, while a shorter barrel will provide increased maneuverability. Before switching out your upper, you should take a deep dive into how you want to utilize your weapon, below is a pros and cons list for each barrel length.


Classified by a barrel length that is between 18-26 inches, an upper of this length will increase the accuracy and velocity of the weapon. When firing, the bullet remains stabilized for a longer period of time, allowing it to go further while remaining on target. Depending on your skill level and target, an AR with a long-range barrel can fire accurately up to 500 yards.

While your gun will be faster, go further, and be more accurate with a long range upper, it will also be heavier and harder to carry and maneuver. You’ll want to invest in a sturdy rifle case to make carrying easy.

Short Barrel (aka Carbine)

With a barrel length of 16 inches or under, a short barrel on your AR will make it perfect for self-defense and tight quarters. In addition to increased maneuverability, a shortened barrel will lighten your load and be easier to carry. While an AR is pretty easy to get on target, a shorter barrel increases that even further in a shorter-range situation.

While an AR with a shortened upper will be easier to stow in your vehicle—or even a backpack depending on the length you choose—that does come with a downside of decreased muzzle velocity.

Keep in mind, if you choose a barrel length of less than 16 inches on a shoulder-fired firearm or your AR measures under 26 inches, that does place your rifle into the short-barrel rifle (SBR) category under government regulation. This means that to own such a weapon legally, you’ll have to purchase the $200 tax stamp and complete the NFA paperwork.

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