Having the right equipment in a moving truck (and using it) is a necessity for both professional movers and amateurs who’ve rented a truck or are equipping the one they own. The appropriate use of the following tools, having protective equipment for the movers and their goods, and the rest of the mover’s gear should make the process of moving a bit more painless.


General Lifting

The equipment needed for lifting heavy things are obviously essential for a moving truck. One of the most basic, but most helpful, is the hand truck. A single person can use one to move smaller appliances and furniture or a stack of heavy boxes. They cut down moving time and lessen the chances of strained backs or drop-damaged microwaves.

Basic moving straps are surprisingly effective at allowing two people who aren’t bodybuilders to lift things bigger and heavier than they would have guessed. However, knowing limits is extremely important. That includes both the limits of the people doing the moving as well as the limits of the equipment and moving straps.

Specialized Moving Equipment

There are certainly situations in which the moving straps, the hand truck, and even the hand lift truck aren’t the right tools for the job. For instance: What do you do when you’re faced with stairs? Stairs are notoriously difficult to navigate and a leading risk of injury to both movers and whatever they’re moving. Enter the stair climbing cart. These are, as the name suggests, carts that have been specifically designed to carry loads safely and effectively up and down stairs.

Another exceedingly helpful piece of specialty equipment is the appliance hand truck. For large appliances, those outside the safe load capacity of a traditional hand truck or straps, and loads too bulky for a hand lift truck, you can depend on an appliance hand truck to get the job done.

Securing Straps and Furniture Sliders

Both of these are moving essentials that aren’t always considered when someone’s picking up the boxes, hand truck, packing tape, and the like. Securing straps are far superior to bungees or rope for keeping your stuff in the bed of a truck, keeping it from crushing your other things, or otherwise keeping it still. For the heaviest furniture and appliances, particularly valuable ones, consider investing in some ratchet straps to guarantee immobility.

Furniture sliders also protect your property and make the moving process easier. These are attached to the feet of heavy furniture, making it way easier to move them across surfaces (like that beautiful hardwood floor), without damaging the surfaces or item. Furniture sliders are one of those moving accessories that, once you’ve used them, you wonder how you ever moved without them.

Personal Protective Equipment

Unless it’s literally just a few light boxes, whenever you’re moving, wear leather gloves. During a move there area number of ways fingers can get pinched, cut, crushed, jammed, skinned—you name it—while carrying heavy things and using moving equipment. A face mask or respirator should be worn if your move is going to be stirring up dust. Steel-toed boots are also worth considering.

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