Parents and educators give kids dolls, teddy bears, cars and other toys to help them pass the time. However, there are products out there which can do so much more. Instead of just whiling away their idol hours, young learners can use special toys to have fun and develop important skills at the same time.


Educational robots, for example, are a wonderful way to stimulate the curiosity and creativity of children. By designing, constructing and decorating their own functional robot, boys and girls can become interested in science and technology. This interest can pay off as they grow up and start thinking about which careers they’d like to pursue.

Here are some of the benefits which robot kits for kids can provide:

1. Robot kits are fun and engaging.

It is easy to find robot kids designed specifically for kids aged 4-7 years. These products give children something fun to do while offering an on-ramp to learning about subjects like programming. Many schools have even started robotics clubs.

2. Robot kits can enhance a child’s cognitive skills.

Robot toys for young children help sharpen kids’ problem-solving skills and critical thinking capabilities. They allow boys and girls to work through problems and feel the pride of creating something that works.

3. Education robots help develop skills which kids can use as adults.

It is probably no secret to most teachers and parents that technology has changed the job market in dramatic ways. Educational robots help plant a seed in child’s mind which can grow into a fruitful career. Technologically-minded boys and girls can get an early start on developing and presenting their own products.

However, robot kits do not just prepare kids for careers as programmers or engineers. Certain kits let children create a wide range of things. A helicopter, a character from their favorite book or movie—the possibilities are almost endless.

By exercising their creativity in this way, kids can start building skills which will serve them well in a variety of careers. They could become artists, doctors, teachers, architects and more.

KinderLab Robotics develops and sells robot kits designed for children in pre-K, first grade and second grade. Its award-winning KIBO robot kit is the end result of more than a decade of child development research. Educators can take advantage of special lesson plans and other materials to guide kids through projects and assess learning. KinderLab’s curriculum is designed to meet Common Core and state computer science standards.

About KinderLab Robotics

KinderLab Robotics is a leading provider of premium-quality, educational robot toys for young children. Its flagship product, the KIBO, won a 2017 Parents’ Choice Award in the Toy category.

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