Adaptogens are becoming a popular buzzword in the wellness industry, particularly amongst those seeking more natural beauty products with cleaner ingredients. Whether you’re trying to introduce them into your daily diet, beauty routine, or wellness ritual, adaptogenic herbs have been used for centuries for a variety of health issues. But what are adaptogens? And what are the best brands that offer them?

A non-toxic plant that has been used to help the body resist a variety of stressors, adaptogens have been used in the past in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing rituals. Some are consumed like supplements, brewed like tea, or added to daily meals. Adaptogens have been used to help the body resist physical, chemical, and biological stress. While more research is needed, many find adaptogens helpful to train the body to handle the effects of bodily stress.


Adaptogenic herbs are having a revival in the wellness industry and are being cultivated for a variety of health issues. Long-term stress and anxiety, immune health, energy, and inflammation may all benefit from introducing these powerful herbs into your beauty and wellness routines.

Here are a few of the brands that carry the best adaptogens because of their ingredients and product creation processes:

Sun Potion

This wellness brand is dedicated to health, happiness, and well-being through potent plants and herbs. Sun Potion’s Ashwagandha adaptogenic herb supplement is 100% pure and organic with no additives or preservatives. It’s organically grown on farms in India and sourced through fair trade. This specific adaptogen, ashwagandha, can help your body resist the physical and mental effects of stress.

Get a natural energy boost without artificial stimulants with this powerful herb. It’s clinically shown to increase levels of superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant that helps with aging healthily. Fortify your body and mind with this Ayurvedic medicinal staple. Simply mix 2 grams into a warm drink or smoothie, and you’re good to go.

Moon Juice

Experience radiant beauty from the inside out with the Beauty Dust by Moon Juice. This brand is popular for their holistic nourishment and high-powered natural remedies. Their Beauty Dust is a nutrient-dense powder with a delicious taste that can be added to yogurt, smoothies, beverages, or your morning cereal. It includes pearl and Schisandra powder to contribute to your overall health and well-being, providing immunity support and powerful nutrients.

This 100% natural herbal supplement includes no chemical additives of any kind. This adaptogenic blend promotes collagen production, firms skin tissue, and supplies your body with the vital nutrients it needs.


This artisanal skincare and wellness brand equally values the ingredients, the source, and the consumer. Most of PŪREARTH’s ingredients are wild-harvested, gathered in the Himalayas by engaging through fair trade. Their Stress Relieving Tulsi Tea has the calming benefits of Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil. The whole leaf is rich in nutrients and provides detoxifying benefits.

This delicious and soothing tea is caffeine-free to help relax and rewind the body at the end of the day. Adaptogenic teas like this one promote a proper internal balance for overall health and well-being, especially when made from pure Tulsi with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives. Add one teaspoon of the loose-leaf tea to a pot of freshly boiled water and let brew for 3-4 minutes.

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