The complex world of wholesale distribution can be difficult to navigate. With hundreds of thousands of options registered in the U.S., choosing the wrong distributor can lead to a loss of time and money. Doing your due diligence through extensive research will ensure that you and your chosen wholesaler have a lasting relationship.

A wholesaler purchases its products directly from the manufacturer in mass amounts, then they store those products in a warehouse and sell directly to you, the retailer. Whether you’re in the market for wholesale home furnishings, baby supplies, or linens, there is a wholesale distributor out there to supply what you need to operate your retail shop.

4Product offerings

Your retail business should choose a distributor that carries a wide variety of items that you’d like to stock. When you have multiple wholesale providers, it can make managing your small business more complicated. Choosing a provider that can fulfill multiple needs decreases the difficulty in management.

Online ordering

The ability to order online allows you to gather a true understanding of the products you’re ordering. You can peruse reviews, check dimensions, and gain insight into how appealing an item is visually, as well as an honest perception of how well that item will sell in your store.

Customer service

The importance the wholesale distributor you choose places on customer service cannot be understated. Problems arise no matter how proactive you are, and their ability to handle and deal with complications is important. Look for companies that work at developing long-term relationships with their retailers. Before you sign up with a wholesaler, don’t be afraid to ask for references that prove their worth.


Keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best option. Choose a distributor based on multiple features, not just their pricing model. A comprehensive view of the company should be your go to for decision making. After all, it won’t matter if you got a phenomenal deal if the products never get to you or problems are difficult to solve.


Choose a wholesaler that is known for their reliability. This will be especially important if you’re purchasing wholesale holiday gifts, as you’ll want to ensure that your items arrive on time for mass holiday shopping.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are for retailers and allow you to get face time with manufacturers and wholesale distributors. This is an excellent opportunity to evaluate a wholesale distributor and to get a feel for how they treat their customers.


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