We’re almost hardwired to send cards or gifts to friends and family to celebrate milestones such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers, etc.

But what about less notable but equally significant moments where friends really step up? Like letting you use their vacation home for free, watching your pet while you’re away on vacation, or picking your child up from school when you’re stuck at work.

While wine, flowers, chocolate, or a kind thank you note are great ways to acknowledge someone’s help, sometimes you want a gift that reciprocates or surpasses the level of thoughtfulness someone else showed you.

If you’re looking for gifts for friends that go above and beyond, the following presents are good options:

Gifts for Art Lovers

Thoughtful art gifts that capture someone’s love of animals, nature, or family are a perfect way to acknowledge their exceptional help. If you want to gift a thoughtful piece of décor for their home, take a look at different types of wall art that convey a personal message of gratitude, friendship, or love. Wall art comes in many different artistic styles, including written sentiments, pictures of travel destinations, plaques, or nature scenes.

You can also pair different pieces for an even more personalized gift. For example, you can select different pieces of nature art to capture their love of flowers, landscapes, and scenery, or choose a few quotes that will capture their love of family, friends, and home.

Gifts for Entertainers

If your friend loves to entertain, surprise them with a thank you gift they can use for future gatherings. Kitchen decorations, serving boards, glassware, serving utensils, and serve ware are perfect for the sociable friends in your life. Look for décor that complements their style, or add to their dishware collection so they can host large parties. A simple wood serving board is great for appetizers, cheese trays, or desserts. Especially select serving trays inscribed with sentiments of love, friendship, and gratitude.

Gifts for Religious Friends

If your friends are religious, celebrate their faith with picture frames, plaques, or hand-carved figures that capture the relationship between friends, family, siblings, and children. Spiritual-themed décor that embodies the beauty of faith and blessings in everyday life will delight any thoughtful friend. Gifts like religious-themed sculptures, ornaments, nativity sets, crosses, and religious-inspired picture frames can capture someone’s religious devotion in an artistic way.

Gifts for Animal Lovers

If your above-and-beyond friend calls their pet their fur baby, look for an adorable pet-inspired gift such as sculptural figures or plush dogs that are as soft as their furry friend. Look for soft, cuddly designs that are surface washable so they’re easy to clean.

The Importance of Gratitude

Don’t let an opportunity to thank someone pass. It’s important to express gratitude for life’s big moments such as graduations and weddings, but it’s just as crucial to acknowledge those who make life’s small moments that much better.


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