Hunters have an overwhelming number of options when it comes to shooting equipment, ammunition, and apparel. While some hunters may prefer a bow while others prefer a rifle, equipment can also be dictated by the terrain, conditions, and kind of animal being hunted.


Shooting distance can also play a role in deciding which piece of equipment to use. For some hunters, taking a shot at 300 or 400 yards is the mark of a skilled hunter. For others, the challenge lies in being able to stalk or lure an animal and then shoot from close range.

Short-range hunting usually targets medium-sized animals such as deer, elk, or black bears from 100 to 200 yards away. This type of shot typically requires hunters to move slowly and quietly through heavily wooded areas or down hillsides, all without being noticed.

Often, a hunter might spot an animal from afar, move into a shooting position, and then patiently wait for the target to move into their shooting range. This is a technique called still hunting. Hunters can also stalk their target by moving toward the animal in a diagonal line and getting into position. A third option entails sitting unnoticed at various vantage points and waiting to spot a target. This is called glassing.

Short-range hunting is ideal for medium-sized game in the Western United States, Canada, and Alaska, and often affords hunters time to enjoy the natural surroundings. It takes an exceptional amount of skill, however, since even the smallest movement or sound can alert the animal.

Short-range hunting also requires different equipment and ammunition than shots from 300 or 400 yards. The rifles are typically lighter and more compact, since short-range shooting often entails a lot of walking.

Ammunition like the .300 AAC Blackout is one of the best rounds available to hunters. Easy to load and handle, it was designed to reach maximum velocity from a barrel as short as 9 inches, making it capable of producing highly effective shots from a short distance.

Ammunition Depot has the .300 AAC Blackout for sale, and it includes a tactical sling that easily fits over the shoulder. With secure internal pockets and Velcro patches, it is excellent for securing ammunition and moving quickly.

Although the .300 AAC Blackout is a military-grade cartridge made for a semiautomatic rifle, you can use AR magazines with smaller guns such as a .223-caliber rifle by switching out the barrel. This provides the flexibility in short-range hunting while retaining the speed and handling capacity associated with military-grade ammunition.

While an AR rifle offers great flexibility for hunters and gun enthusiasts of all predilections, it is not ideal for every type of situation. For example, a .223-caliber rifle should not be used to kill deer, but is suitable for smaller game such as varmint.

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