Whether you’re about to start your very first semester of college or have your packing list down to a science for your last year of university, keeping your phone protected and accessorized can make your academic and social life so much easier. Picking out the right case or attachable lens for your iPhone might seem like a “treat yourself” rather than a necessity, but these high-tech accessories prove themselves time and again. You won’t regret tricking out your basic iPhone with these college must-haves.

fsdffdfdfWaterproof Case

Let’s be honest: How careful is anyone with their phone anymore? You’ve probably had at least three friends who have dropped their phones in the toilet or gotten soaked at a party by accident. Or even worse, your favorite water bottle leaks in your backpack and ruins your homework and your precious iPhone.

Protect your phone from the unexpected with a waterproof iPhone case. If you’re looking for a streamlined case that can still fit into the back pocket of your jeggings, the Hitcase Pro 2.0 is super slim while staying waterproof and shockproof. It’s also designed with easy port access and is still fully responsive to touch and Face ID. Stay ahead of the game and keep your iPhone safe through all of your college adventures with a waterproof and shockproof case.

Car Mount

Stay away from stereotypes and drive safer with a magnetic iPhone car mount. Keep your phone at eye level and avoid looking down or away from the road with this millennial tech necessity. The best car mounts are adhesive-free, making them easy to remove and clean over time.

Magnetic car mounts that pair with iPhone cases with magnetic backing make attaching or removing hassle-free. Streamline your commute to class, last-minute road trips, and late-night coffee runs with an iPhone-friendly car mount.

Camera Lens Kit

You don’t have to be part of Greek life to know that cultivating a fire Instagram is half the fun of college. Upgrade your photos from the basic specs that come with your iPhone and use an attachable phone camera lens. Fuel your creativity with a wide lens that fits more in the frame without lowering the quality of the photo.

Make sure to get a lens that’s waterproof and shockproof too. You never know when the ideal opportunity is going to pop up for your next iPhone photo shoot. From taking photos of those gorgeous spring semester cherry blossoms to selfies before a formal, an attachable camera lens takes your photos from basic to brilliant.


Okay, while a monopod is basically a glorified selfie stick, it’s definitely a must-have for those who work in student clubs and events. How else are you going to spread the word about how great your last ping pong tournament was without a hilarious group photo at the end?

Choose a monopod that’s designed for action cam use. This means it needs to be lightweight, durable, and waterproof. It also needs to be compact to fit into your backpack or coat pocket for ultra-convenient travel.

Whether you’re a fresh-faced first year or a seriously experienced senior, these iPhone accessories are sure to keep your iPhone ready for anything this year has in store.

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