The world has entered a digital era, where everything works on a digital platform. With the advancement in the technology, automation is born out of it that has revolutionized the world to another level. With the automated smart homes, it has made the life of the people simpler and convenient than before. Gone are the days when people used to worry about the house and whether it is properly locked or not to avoid burglary, intrusion, etc. Now, this smart home has changed the outlook in an advanced view, where everything is operated automatically. One of the main features of automated house is smart keyless door lock. It gives the freedom to manage things from anywhere in the world.


These door locks are installed on the front door and it is integrated with the control panel which is installed inside the house for an easy access. It can also be operated through mobile phones via an application which can easily be downloaded. These applications helps you to lock and unlock the door, provides notifications if a door is left open or when some intruder enters the house. These smart locks come in three different categories which are- Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, and Venetian Bronze. These key locks would light up during darker hours for ease of use. These smart locks are easy to use and install and thus, it is the best choice for your house.

Besides this, it has motion activated security camera and with the help of infrared technology, these motion sensors can protect large area of the home, and guarantees complete protection in high traffic areas. It contains sensors which has the passive infrared and measures infrared heat light radiating from the object. So, whenever another human with another temperature passes through the area with infrared radiation, it will detect the motion and will instantly trigger the alarm so that you would be notified of the intrusion.

With Vivint.SmartHome, one can obtain a complete smart house by installing various home security products and camera equipment. It is the most recognized company in the automation industry and strives to provide the best products to ensure your house’s safety.

About Vivint.SmartHome:

The Vivint.SmartHome is known for their best security and surveillance facilities, which include wireless doorbell camera. It provides a platform for best smart home control with professional installation at an affordable price.

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