These days, most of us feel pinched for time. Whether we really do have less time (e.g., demanding work schedule, long commute, family obligations, extra curriculars, etc.), or we just feel busier—a phenomenon known as the perennial time-scarcity problem—it never hurts to explore ways to free up a few extra hours.

One of the easiest ways to save time is by enlisting the help of high-quality kitchen appliances. Tools such as the few highlighted below will help take the time (and work) out of prepping and cooking, freeing up some time in your day while still giving you that delicious, home-cooked meal.


A Sous Vide

Sous vide is a method of cooking that involves sealing food in plastic pouches or glass containers before immersing it in water heated with a sous vide appliance. This method of cooking is known to keep food moist and seal in flavor while evenly cooking ingredients. It cooks food low and slow and can also be used to bulk prepare food ahead of time, which can be a helpful time-saving measure during a busy week.

A Knife Sharpener

One of the most labor- and time-intensive aspects of cooking is the process of chopping and slicing ingredients. Outside of purchasing prepared meals or frozen or pre-chopped ingredients, you’re stuck doing the work yourself. Fortunately, a dependable knife sharpener can keep your blades sharp and effective so you can cut and prep the ingredients you need quickly without wasting time with a dull blade. Keeping knives sharp will help you slice and cut potatoes, cheese, cucumbers, carrots, and more efficiently. A sharp blade is especially important when you’re cutting up trickier ingredients such as chocolate or herbs. You’ll find that home-cooked meals are easier to prep for and fresher than ever when you’re utilizing a knife sharpener to ensure you can cut and prep your ingredients faster and with more precision.

A Smart Oven

Capable of handling anything you’d throw at a traditional oven, microwave, or toaster oven, a smart oven is the high-tech gadget you need to help you save time in the kitchen. Smart ovens are often compact and can be connected to apps to help you cook up quick, healthy meals in less time and often in a more efficient manner than traditional devices. The best countertop oven will have the capacity to toast, reheat, and bake entire meals in a matter of minutes.

Brava has created a smart oven that is designed to save you time while helping you create healthy, wholesome meals any day of the week. The Brava Oven is a multi functional smart oven that toasts, reheats, and bakes without needing to preheat, providing you with valuable time savings. Whether it’s a mid-week meal or Sunday brunch, with their Pure Light Cooking™ Technology, the Brava Oven can cook up to three different foods, including proteins and vegetables, at the same time in under 20 minutes, all on one tray. Brava’s powerful counter top oven removes the hassle of waiting for one component of your meal to cook while the other one waits, allowing you to enjoy a fresh and balanced meal all at once. Brava’s Pure Light Cooking™ Technology offers precise, controlled cooking, and allows you to set your desired temperature and doneness, from medium rare to heavily seared. A Brava Oven is a valuable addition to your kitchen that will speed up the cooking process without compromising any of the flavor.

About Brava

The Brava Oven is a smart oven that was designed with precision, taste, and convenience in mind. It utilizes Pure Light Cooking™ Technology and six lamps to allow you to cook up to three different ingredients at separate temperatures at the same time. With the Brava Oven, healthy, tasty, home-cooked meals can be created in a fraction of the time. The Brava App serves up 60-plus chef-inspired recipes—save your favorites directly to the Brava Oven for quick, healthy meals any day of the week.

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