With the rise of fitness and nutrition culture, athleisure has established itself within the fashion industry and is determined to stay. Activewear has become the essential staple of everyday wear for women of all generations and careers. Instead of serving a singular purpose in the gym, athleisure has become acceptable for the workplace and social settings. Wearing running leggings to a client meeting is no longer a faux pas, and female consumers are clearly interested in more comfortable yet fashionable clothes. Designers and retail companies are rushing to join the comfy yet resourceful clothing trend that boasts support, moisture wicking, and odor-resistance. Compared to the yoga pants trend of the early 2000s, athleisure has steadily secured a place amongst high-end fashion and everyday style.A revolutionary new style that combines business casual and sportswear, incorporating versatility and comfort into this new trend are reasons why most are confident athleisure is not going away.


More popular in American markets, the versatility and durability of athletic wear fit into the American mindset of adaptability and long-term use products. Despite retail sales remaining flat for 2015, Forbes reported an athletic wear sales increase by 12%. Athleisure appeals even to the less active consumer who desires comfort and quality. Not a trend any longer, designers and retailers have trends within athleisure, from color-blocking to mesh paneling.Activewear asserts to be worth the investment as it is easy to incorporate into daily routines and transitions throughout the day. Yoga leggings have lost the stigma they once carried, now worn in a spin class and dressed up with a casual blazer for a company presentation.

Athleisure has piqued the interest of designers and celebrities alike, not just the average consumer. Carrie Underwood, Demi Lovato, Kendall Jenner, and other celebrities wear and promote yoga bras, versatile leggings, and stylish sweatpants. By making athleisure functional and fashionable through high-end fashion companies, it fulfills the gap between traditional athletic-wear and business casual clothing without losing style. Companies like Wear It To Heart use cutting-edge and environmentally responsible steps to make fashion-forward yet versatile leggings, yoga wear, bras, and other high-quality garments. Comfort should never be sacrificed for fashion, and Wear It To Heart has pioneered collections that are inspired by sport and everyday life.

About Wear It to Heart

Wear It To Heart’s yoga bra, yoga leggings and other activewear provide reliable comfort and flexibility in unique and awe-inspiring designs. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company uses innovative, eco-friendly processes to deliver uncompromising quality and style.