In the fast paced world, there has been a drastic transformation in Science and Technology that has never been imagined before. It has altered the way we look to the world which has made possible by none other than, . It introduces a new age of human interaction in which it provides a medium to communicate with the real-world environment through the help of Internet of Things (IoT). It made a buzz across the globe where it has allowed the users to interact with the surrounding objects. With the combination of X1, it offers a different perspective towards the world by adopting an out-of-the-box approach. The AR (Augmented Reality) Smart glasses are equipped with chips, latest sensors and power optics design which enable the users to witness the HD augmented reality display. While X1 is fully integrated to AR smart glasses, the UI of AR smart glasses allowed users to wear it conveniently.

The AR Smart Glasses gives 40 degree field of view which is equivalent to 90 degree high definition TV screen at a distance of 10 feet. It offers a massive field of view which allows to display and creation of powerful AR/MR apps. These glasses offer replaceable, dual-hot swappable and rechargeable batteries that can be used for full day. It runs on the widely used operating system in the world which is an open source Android OS. It is easy to customize with APIs and SDKs which is manageable, secure and flexible. The AR Smart Glasses comes with 3-axis gyroscope, 13 megapixel HD camera, 3-axis compass and light sensor for image recognition. The augmented reality software provides a platform for video, live audio and data communication between remote users which allows enhancing operations, increasing efficiency and maximizing savings in the best way possible. It has a team of AR developers who uses cutting-edge technologies which provides a real view experience in an innovative way.

If you are searching for the platform that can provide you finest AR smart glasses, then look no further than ThirdEye. It is an acclaimed and trustworthy enterprise for AR smart glasses and software who has got 20+ years of advanced technology. It develops custom software solutions which integrates into the X1 Smart Glasses. ThirdEye Gen provides a platform for “See What I See Platform” which has empowered workforce and increase operational efficiency. Therefore, it is the one-stop destination for the finest solutions for AR glasses.

About ThirdEye Gen:

ThirdEye Gen is the leading platform for AR smart glasses which offers AR accessories like X1 smart glasses head strap and portable case.

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