Running a home decor-related business is a challenging job, as consumers often consider such purchases to be a luxury and not a necessity. A surprising percentage of operations open with big intentions and much fanfare but quickly fade due to inconsistencies in quality and aesthetics. Owners must dedicate substantial amounts of time and attention to presentation and product-promotion to differentiate a business from competitors and attract the right type of customer.

Three ways to develop a brand and move more gift items and home decor-related products are:

  1. Source Inventory from a Wholesaler

A business which specializes in home decor often carries an array of products including gifts, furniture, lighting, decorative accents, wall decor, candles and collectible figurines. Sourcing these items from a wholesaler nearly always results in lower acquisition and shipping costs, meaning higher margins and profits for the business owner. It ensures a consistent, on-trend collection of products which customers love.

Additionally, by continually updating seasonal collections with unique pieces exclusively available from a wholesaler—for example, Santa wall art, Thanksgiving serving platters, Stars and Stripes birdhouses and Easter Bunny door hangers—owners increase interest in their shop. Regularly changing inventory generates additional traffic, as customers anticipate the exciting options that will be available for upcoming seasons and holidays. Stocking an assortment of wholesale gifts is a sound strategy for boosting awareness, interest and sales.

  1.  Presentation

Thoughtful presentation has a tremendous impact when selling home decor products. For instance, a stunning crystal vase strategically resting atop an Eames-style sidebar will be noticed—and likely purchased—much more than if it were placed on a nondescript shelf alongside a crowded hodgepodge of knick-knacks. Allocating the proper amount of space and natural light to gift items and home accents enables customers to first notice and then visualize how the good would look in their homes. For optimal presentation, products must be distinctive, endearing and well-made—characteristics that a reputable wholesaler consistently provides.

  1. Promotion

Small businesses around the country are often subject to stiff competition for customers and sales and home decor and gift shops are no exception. It is important for local retailers to carry an assortment of goods so it appeals to a broader portion of the population. Dividing floor-space so a shop can sell a range of diverse items—some which could be labeled sophisticated, country and urban, others vintage, minimalist, and budget—makes good business sense. A large wholesaler offers a massive selection of different products from which owners can choose and stock their shelves and storerooms.

For over two decades, DEMDACO has been widely recognized for delivering a remarkable range of unique and inspirational items for the home and family. DEMDACO is a leading name in the world of home decor products, gift items and collectible and gift-able figurines. Its operates with the understanding that business can never be a strictly financial endeavor, but that one must always consider the human element first. Each of DEMDACO’s exciting products is hand-selected and designed to uplift and enhance the lives of everyone it touches.


DEMDACO is renowned for bringing distinctive home accents and special gifts wholesale to small businesses across the globe. Founded by Demi and Dave Kiersznowski, DEMDACO offers a wide selection of tailor-made goods celebrating life, home, family and friends.

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