There’s much etiquette involved when it comes to baby showers: Are gifts required? How much do you spend? Do you stick to the registry? Are men allowed? What if it’s the second or third baby?

Fortunately, you can find information online related to the dos and don’ts of baby showers and gift-giving etiquette, but here is a useful breakdown:

First things first: Gifts are expected if you attend a baby shower, according to Parents Magazine.
Second, the amount you should spend on a gift is largely determined by how well you know the expecting couple. Typically, coworkers or distant friends should plan to spend between $15–$25, a friend or relative should spend between $35–$50, and a best friend or close relative should give something in the $50–$100 range. These price ranges and categories are fluid, but a good rule-of-thumb.

Third, the type of gift will likely vary depending on whether you’re celebrating first-time parents or a second or third baby, since new parents will likely have different needs than parents welcoming their second or third child.

If you’re trying to find the perfect baby gifts, but you’re not sure which gifts will be the most useful, follow this guide for baby shower gifting inspiration.

New Parents

According to Parents Magazine, the whole premise of a baby shower is to help parents stock up on items and supplies they’ll need to welcome their new baby. With this in mind, you can never go wrong by following a gift registry. This can be an easy and convenient way to get new parents exactly what they want and need.

If you want to express your creative side but still want to give them something functional, baby blankets, cute onesies, slippers, stuffed animals, and even diapers with fun designs are always appropriate and practical gifts.

Finally, if you’re an experienced parent yourself, you could always create a gift basket and includethe must-have baby items that you found especially useful as a new parent. Your gift basket could include your favorite baby books, rattles, clothes, pacifiers, wipes, and any other additions you found particularly helpful. For an added touch, personalize your gift basket with a sweet note explaining each item, why you and your baby loved it, and maybe even some words of wisdom for welcoming their new baby.

Showers for a Second or Third Baby

A second or third baby shower is a great opportunity to get a little creative with your gifts. Since many parents will likely have at least some clothes, toys, playpens, and travel gear from the first baby, sentimental gifts can be a great option.

Thoughtful baby keepsakes make perfect gifts for a second or third baby shower. Gifts like growth charts,figures, animal artwork, and piggy banks make perfect and thoughtful gifts that parents and babies will love for years to come.You could also select a picture frame commemorating a new sibling and growing family. Frames with “big brother” or “big sister” statements are sweet and sentimental presents for a second or third baby shower.

Whatever gift you decide and regardless of what you spend, the most important part of a baby shower is gathering to celebrate a new child and to shower the expectant parents and future little one with love.


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