Seasoned tailgating professionals know that your supplies can take your tailgate experience from basic to “better than watching the actual game.” A pre-game tradition that is popular in every corner of the United States, tailgating is a great way to spend an afternoon with your squad before a sporting event. These essentials make it easy for everyone to enjoy themselves while they get ready for the big game. Honestly, no one needs an excuse to experience the beautiful autumn weather and enjoy a burger and beer with their favorite people.


Aside from planning ahead, being ready for the bro-tastic season of tailgating takes a few tools to keep your beers cold, your friends entertained, and your pick-up a breeze.

Backpack Cooler

What’s an afternoon of tailgating without a couple of ice-cold beers? Instead of lugging around a box cooler, pick an insulated backpack cooler to carry your favorite beers and other beverages. Choose a backpack cooler with over 24 hours of chill to keep your beverages cold underneath the heat of the sun.

Cooler backpacks are easier to carry than box coolers because of their comfy suspension system and hands-free transportation. The best backpack coolers can carry up to 30 liters of ice and cans without breaking a sweat.

You can also store food that needs to be refrigerated, like dairy and veggies, in a cooler bag to keep them crisp and chilled until you’re ready. Don’t forget to bring a bottle opener and keep track of your bottle caps. Check and make sure that the parking lot where you’ll be tailgating allows alcohol before you haul all of your favorite beers there.

Cornhole Set

Who doesn’t love cornhole? This classic tailgating game has grown in popularity in the last few years and is easy to play anywhere. Get a cornhole set that’s ultra-portable and includes built-in storage. Don’t forget to check if it’s weatherproof and includes super durable beanbags.

Rounds of cornhole can go pretty quickly, making it easy for lots of people to play even though only four can play at once. Rotate players through and make sure teams are matched fairly. Once you figure out your cornhole strategy, it’s an easy hole-in-one from there.

Trash Bags

While this might seem like an obvious necessity, bringing along super durable and spacious trash bags is super important. Picking up everything afterward is not only courteous to other tailgaters but safer for everyone. Keep track of paper plates and plastic cups, bottle caps, aluminum cans, excess food, and whatever else is perishable. Bonus points to you and your crew if you designate a bin just for recycling!

Camping Chairs

Okay, another no-brainer, but think about how you want your tailgating guests to be comfortable while you’re working the grill. Pick out the comfiest chairs that include cupholders and easy storage for the most convenience. Relax and watch the spectacle from your lazy chair, or enjoy that juicy bratwurst you just grilled without getting mustard all over your jersey.

Choose a set of camping chairs that are easy to carry and don’t require a frustrating setup. Whether your needs include back support, more than one cupholder, or easy storage, finding your dream chair can be super rewarding. Plus, you might finally understand why Dad never let anyone sit in “his” chair all those years.

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