The love of gardening can often lead to sore, tender muscles, especially in the lower back and shoulders. The constant digging, lifting, bending, kneeling, and twisting motions made while preserving garden and vegetable beds contribute to this muscle sensitivity and soreness. To limit the motions that lead to sore, stiff muscles, consider investing in gardening tools and other resources that take the strain off your sensitive areas. Below are some ideas and products that can significantly reduce back and shoulder strain.

12Hand truck 111-UA-1060

This heavy duty hand truck from Magline will easily haul things such as bags of gravel, bark, compost—even large plants from your car or garage into the yard to be used. With a 500-pound capacity and pneumatic tires, these hand trucks can carry large, bulky materials across uneven terrain and surfaces such as gravel.


A great wheelbarrow will save your back while hauling dirt, rocks, compost, and other heavy items necessary for a thriving garden. The Spruce recently rated the Polar Trailer 8376 as the best-in-class wheelbarrow for 2018. Its large wheels are perfect for hauling materials across uneven terrain such as a backyard. This wheelbarrow features a unique design and 20-inch wheels composed of solid rubber to aid in avoiding flats. Weighing in at only 49 pounds, the Polar Trailer can transport 400 pounds within its 10 cubic feet of space without straining or buckling.

Potting bench

Keep all of your gardening gear organized in one area and limit the constant bending and twisting associated with potting with a potting bench. This device will raise your workspace up so you can pot while standing comfortably. In addition, a potting bench can elevate your outdoor entertaining by providing an additional space to display food and drinks.

Long-handled garden tools

When you use garden tools that feature a longer handle, you will experience less fatigue and increased productivity. That’s because the longer handle provides greater control and energy transference, making it more of a tool and less of an assistant. A longer tool will also extend your reach, meaning you can work further from the same position.

Standing weeding tool

Rather than kneeling in the dirt to weed your garden and vegetable beds, get a tool that allows you to stand and weed with minimal bending. The UpRoot® Weed and Root Remover will enable the user to pull even deep-rooted weeds easily. Simply position the metal claws above the center portion of the weed, then step on the lever and pull up. The claws will yank the weed out and then you can bring the tool up to hand-level in order to remove the weed from the claws. This entire process takes mere seconds. You’ll pull weeds faster and save your back.

About Magline

Magline is a leader in the material handling industry. The company’s products have helped customers load, unload, and transport material safely for more than 70 years. They are dedicated to enhancing safety and creating innovative solutions. Magline is committed to helping you grow your business by complementing the work you do with products that answer your needs.

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